7 Fascinating Facts About Mining You Didn’t Know


So, what is mining? Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals that are found underneath the earth. These are deposited in forms of mineralized packages. The minerals and metals are extracted from ores, lode, vein, reef, etc. Ores that are recovered by mining are metals, coal, oil, gemstones, chalk, lime stones, marble, clay, etc. Every country now depends on more or fewer resources underneath the surface of the earth. Mining is one of the techniques that we use to mine those precious metals and minerals. Mining has become a significant part of the economy for all the developing nations. The practice has created a rich history. Let us read some of the fascinating facts and theories regarding mining.

  1. The deepest mine of the world in 3.8km deep. The mine is situated in South Africa, called AngloGold Ashanti’s Mponeng gold mine. Further expansion will extend the operating depth to 4.27km
  • Rare-earth elements are a group made of 17 metals that are crucial to the technology as well as defense industries. The metals have a unique magnetic capacity, are extremely heat resistant, and have phosphorescent properties. However, these are difficult to find and extract. China has more than 90% of the global production and supply of these metals during the past few decades.
  • Chinese physicists claim to have developed a way to cut the time involved in the discovery of alloys from years to hours. This new method has helped many organizations create high-performance alloys, such as metallic glass for extremely hot environments.
  • Drones play a vital part in communicating information for mines. Only for mining should be an understatement, technological advancements have been largely benefitted by drones as well. Rather than deploying skilled geologists and geotechnical engineers into dangerous environments, drones can provide valuable scans safely.
  • Metals are crucial in managing energy use. For example, wind turbines are taller and more powerful with the usage of metals. The metals required to produce wind and solar power generators is significant. For instance, each wind turbine contains about 3.5 tonnes of copper.
  • Silver is a core element for the manufacture of solar panels because of the high electrical and thermal conductivity. Thus the demand for silver has grown. Silver mostly represents around 6% of the total cost of the price building of each unit. Silver also has anti-bacterial properties. A small concentration can kill bacteria by chemically breaking down their cell membranes. Also, bacteria don’t develop a resistance to silver, which is why you will see many soaps and handwashes have activated silver in it.
  • In the 1600s, due to wood shortages in England, Brewers started drying their Malts with heat produced by coal. But coal flavored beer did do well in business. After more researches, the brewers found that heating the coal in an airtight oven can mitigate undesirable gases. Thus, producing coke became essential and vital to iron and steel.


Interesting facts regarding mining, isn’t it? Which one surprised you? Mining procedures have also changed throughout the decades. Now, in the era of IT, everything has become systematic and automatic. Mining equipment monitoring helps an enterprise to manage and keep a check on mining equipment and multi-tenant monitoring in the field without needing any assistance. This is a fact as well!

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