I Want a Website for My Business – Where Should I Do?


Here is the checklist of things you should do when it comes to creating a website for your business. You will need a web application development company to get your web application.

Steps for Creating a Business Website

  1. Choose and register domain name
  2. Get hosting service and platform
  3. Choose a good website theme/template
  4. Adjust website design according to your need
  5. Design logos and banners
  6. Start writing quality content
  7. Get Web Application

1. Choose and Register Domain Name

The domain is the name of your business website. This is the first thing you will do to create a business site. There are many websites where you can search for the available domain names to choose from. Make sure the domain name truly represents your business. Don’t buy a domain name if you don’t have enough budget. GoDaddy and other sites can really help you in finding a good domain name.

2. Get Hosting Service and Platform

After buying or choosing the domain, you will need a hosting service provider. Hosting is the platform that stores your website data and presents it to the users. There are different options when it comes to getting a hosting service. Bluehost and Weebly are two great platforms for getting host services. They charge you for annual basis. Most of the providers free one-year service. Choose the platform that is best for you.

3. Choose a Website Theme/Template

When you choose the hosting, they offer you different options in site designs. It should be noted; the default web designs have limited options but can be tweaked. However, it is always better to get a unique website design. Don’t run after free designs as they are risky and come with weak security. Make sure your site secure with good and reliable designs and templates.

4. Tweak Website Design

You are given options to tweak the site design. Like you need a web application development company for the site app, you may also need assistance of a web developer. The developer will customize your site according to your choice and needs like what it should look like, design of front page, other pages as well as fonts styles and overall look.

5. Design Logos

When you are done with making changes to the site theme, you will need logos to add into your site. Get a quality and attractive logo design from a graphic designer. The logo represents your business and niche so it should be nice and appealing.

6. Create Quality Content

Your site is ready to be launched and you just need content. The homepage, about us, services, products, contact us, privacy policy, terms and conditions and every other page has content that you will need. When this is done, you can add blogs and more content to get traffic.

7. Get Web Application

Most of the sites have their web applications. Users don’t need to every time open the site in the browser. Rather they have an app which gives them the same features as a desktop version. You should hire the best web design company to get your web application designed and launched.

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