Upright vacuum cleaners are one of the best appliances in the vacuum cleaner categories. Upright vacs are also popular in many countries and garnered praises from users. People love upright vacuum because of the benefits it offers. If you consider to buy best vacuum cleaners for keeping your carpets and upholstery clean, make sure you check out the benefits these vacs have. Knowing the advantages will help judge and buy the perfect vacuum for you.

Upright vacuums are cost-effective

Okay, so the average price of an upright vacuum cleaner starts from $70 according to Amazon, and hence it is relatively cheap. However, if you want an upright vac with better quality, that can take $150 to $450. The choice is entirely yours. If you live in a dorm or a smaller space with a few rooms, an upright vac under $100 will do. However, if you have a bigger house and need more advanced features aiming for a $200 or more worth upright vac can do wonders. What we love is the ability to choose your option according to your budget.

Upright vacs are versatile

Earlier, an upright vacuum was only limited to vacuuming the floors. Nowadays, the game has changed as the technology got better. You can now clean the stairs, hard flooring, curtains, furniture, bedspreads, and even ceilings. Cool right? But how? Just fit the attachment tools to the vacuum, and you are good to go! Speaking of attachment tools, upright vacs have a wide selection of cleaning tools such as crevice tools, dusting brushes, etc., for cleaning every aspect of your home.

Upright vacuum cleaners are durable

Do you know that upright vacs can last up to 15-20 years? A good-quality upright vacuum cleaner can easily last a decade if it’s maintained properly. That’s why the vacs are recognized as the most reliable type of cleaners. People thus don’t find it difficult to spend $200 bucks because they know that one vac can last a decade. The design of upright vacuum cleaner is crafted to withstand a lot of pressure and dragging. A good quality vacuum cleaner always has a more rigid built with robust materials to endure all the harassment it gets exposed to. If the built quality and the durability still don’t interest you, it also has 5-10 years of warranty.

Upright vacuums prevent allergies

Any top-class vacuum ensures safety against allergies by sucking up the allergens. If your existing vacuum doesn’t do that, then either you are using a backdated vacuum, or your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have that feature at all. Allergens are everywhere, and they affect everyone in different ways. Just because you are not sneezing or having rhinitis like the others doesn’t mean you aren’t exposed to allergens. The dust, mites, and pet hair can be hazardous for you and your family’s health. So, make sure that you are buying an upright vac with the latest model. Most upright vacuums contain a bag for storing all the dirt; this helps keep your indoor environment safe by trapping all the possible allergen inside the bag. The bag lets you remove and dispose it straight into the bin without letting any allergen go back into the air. Some bags also contain a self-seal tab for more hygienic settings.

If you are looking for an upright vac and asking yourself “where can I buy vacuum cleaners?” You should look on Amazon and eBay.


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