Top 4 Benefits of Copper Range Hoods


All range hoods protect your kitchen from gas, hot air, and spicy smoke that can lead to various health hazards. It’s incredibly cost-effective and offers multiple options to choose from. One such opportunity for range hoods is copper hoods. Copper range hood adds aesthetic value and charm to your kitchen. But do you know that having copper as your range hood can give you tones of benefits? Let’s take a look at why you should get one. You can get individual or wall mounted copper range hoods according to the space of your kitchen.

They are cost-effective

As I said earlier, a copper range hood is cost-effective. Yes, they don’t come as cheap as stainless steel, but they are healthy and endure any abuse thrown upon them. The hood’s addition can significantly increase your kitchen’s value, making it suitable for renting or selling at a much higher price than you normally would. A copper range hood seldom needs any repair due to its durable nature, so you don’t have to spend dollars replacing or repairing it.

They are durable

As I said earlier, copper is a very durable metal. It is resistant to stains, scratches, dents, and dirt and therefore is very suitable for everyday usage. It doesn’t get discolored, so you have no concerns about making a mess or making your kitchen hood look hideous. Copper has self-healing properties, which means that it can heal itself and doesn’t darken over time. A swipe of your cleaning rug and it’s sparkly in no time, that easy it is to maintain a copper hood. You can also look for wall mounted kitchen exhaust hood. They are also made from durable metal.

They look marvelous

If any metal looks gold after gold, platinum, and silver, it will be copper. The rose gold glimmer makes it look rich and radiant. When used in a range hood, it adds grace and luxury to not only your home but also a touch of warmth. Copper range hoods always look good with marble or silica countertops, so if you have countertops made of marble or silica, team it with a copper hood to increase your kitchen’s aesthetic value.

They are easy to clean

Copper hoods are the easiest to clean; part of it is because it has self-healing properties. So, no matter how harshly you or the environment treat it, it will still stay healthy and clean. You may not know, but copper metal has anti-bacterial properties, which means it doesn’t let bacteria or fungi accumulate and thus keeps your cooking spot germ-free. What you can do is use a damp cloth and wipe the outer surface of the hood to pertain the sheen and longevity – that’s all you need to do.

Copper gives off a rustic vibe, and that’s why it suits with wooden furniture and bases if you want to create a unique look. Not only wood, but it also looks good with granite, marble, etc. The contrasting color gives the kitchen a certain depth and style. You copper hood of any shape and size according to your kitchen’s space and your taste. You can either buy from your trusted shop or online stores.

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