How to Do Foam Cushion Replacement with Ease?


Foam cushion replacement will give your sofa an amazingly new life when it’s lumpy and saggy. But, you’ll find the frame and fabric in good shape. As you have to buy furniture cushions of high-density designed, you should decide each cushion’s size of foam to fill them. You can simply change foam of the cushions if there are zippers in the back of your sofa. Here is the question that why you should replace your cushions instead of buying new ones. The first thing is if you want to replace the whole cushion it’s expensive. And the second thing is you can use your old ones as they are in usual shape. So, if you change them they’ll get literally some new days to exist.

What are the Steps to Replace Foam Sofa Cushions?

There are some simple and easy steps to replace foam sofa cushions. Well, let’s now them so that you can do it yourself at home.

First Step


At first, you have to remove your sofa’s cushions and also unzip them with the zipper. If possible turn the material out from the inside area. This is the way that will help you to take them out easily. You should carefully pull out the stuffing from the back cushions if sofa frame gets attached with them.

Second Step

Take out if there is any fabric or batting enclosed with foam cushions. But, don’t throw it out; keep them aside because you have to use it later. You’ll need them to wrap the foam pieces at the time of replacement.

Third Step

In this step, you have to measure the width, length, and thickness of each cushion. Remember that you need to add an extra one inch to every measurement. This will help your foam to fill up the cover of cushion correctly. You also have to measure the widest and longest parts of your cushion if it’s not rectangular or square. Now, you need to buy the cushion foam of high-density. It should be in good length so that you can cut it down according to how many pieces you have and how many pieces you need.

Fourth Step

It’s time to a draw a pattern for your every piece of foam you need. Use your hard work floor or surface to keep your new foam. Now, take your old ones and put them ones the new ones. Here, you have to use a marking pen to draw the outer edges on the new foam of your every cushion. Remember, you have to make every outer edge one inch larger all around than your old one.

Fifth Step

This is the step to cut your foam pieces out using an electric carving knife or a common knife.

Sixth Step

It’s time to wrap your every new piece of foam with fabric or batting that you have removed previously from the old foam. Now, just insert all wrapped pieces in the proper cover of cushion. And zip your cushions and the job is done and put them on your sofa’s back.


Foam cushion replacement is one of the simple DIY if you want to spend some time to do something on your own. Alternatively, you can get the service from the professional if you have a proper idea about the furniture upholstery prices. Hopefully, the above-stated steps are simple enough to help to make your job done!

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