10 Best PACS Software


PACS stands for Picture Archiving Communication System which is one of the most significant blessing in medical and health technology. Using PACS software is a kind of must nowadays for the professionals. Here are some of the best PACS software and PACS system vendors there are right now:

1. Carestream Vue PACS

This is one of the widely used picture archiving and communication system. What makes it stand on top are the great and useful features. It offers multimedia reporting, speech recognition and dictation features along with 3D post processing, real time matching and comparative analyses. This can be the best choice for anyone.

2. Aspyra PACS

Here comes one of the most popular PACS system vendors. This is perfect for any lab to ensure great workflow. It has a good number of features that make it a hit software choice among the medical professionals and radiologists when it comes to medical imaging, storing data and sharing the image details with anyone.

3. Ambra Health 

Ambra is one of the most popular and widely used cloud based PACS system. A lot of doctors and radiologists have rated it as a top-notch software for the healthcare professionals. It offers a good number of features that make it a useful and smart option when it comes to the best PACS software.

4. eRAD PACS Evolution

If you need an imaging solution which is cloud based as well as caters the needs of big hospitals and clinics, this solution is for you. This software makes your PACS system very smooth, fast and user-friendly. The software is amazing when it comes to performance.

5. Hyland Software

This software has been around for years. But it is now more like a cloud-based PACS server software that allows doctors, radiologist and other health professionals to manage and store their medical imaging data, files, report and share them with others.

6. UltraLinq

Here comes one of the finest web-based medical imaging solutions for the doctors and other health professionals. It is a wonderful software that allows users to store data, manage it, share the images with other health professionals and archive them as well. You should try this one.

7. Agfa-Gevaert

In America, Europe and Africa this is one of the widely used PACS system vendors. This can make your life very much easy, simpler and more convenient when it comes to storing, managing and sharing data with this cloud-based PACS software.


Every health department needs this image documentation system which is almost like any of the best data storage and management system. For healthcare sector, this is a perfect option because the software is user-friendly and simple to use.


9. Telemis-Medical PACS

Are you looking for a modular solution for distribution, storing and sharing medical images? This software is for you then. It comes with a wide range of useful features that can make the work of radiologist and doctors really simple and convenient.

10. VidiStar PACS

This is the last pick in our list of medical image management software options. It is widely used and is a popular choice for storing and sharing medical images. It is compatible with hardware and the software interface makes things smooth and workflow easy for the users.

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