Maximizing your strengths will help you grow- both in your career and you as a person. But to maximize them, you have to first identify them. And after identifying them, how do you maximize them to their full potential? We are here to tell you about the strength based coaching model. It’s an approach that seeks to identify your strengths and then help you use them to your own advantage.

In a strength-based coaching model, STRENGTH is abbreviated from Sharing the Situation, Transforming Perspective, Recognizing Strengths, Establishing Opportunities, Naming Approach, Goal Setting, Taking Action, Honoring Accomplishments. As it is important to know what is strength based coaching, we are going to tell you about each of them.

Sharing the Situation

At the beginning of the coaching, you will tell your coach about your unique situation, your values, and your goals. The coach will discuss with you what is stopping you from reaching your goals.

Transforming Perspective

At this stage, the coach will try to handle your situation from a different perspective than the one you are already pursuing. Having different perspectives on the same situation will open up doors for more opportunities.

Recognizing Strengths

As the title suggests, here you and your coach will identify your strengths. Your coach will discuss with your ways how you can utilize them.

Establishing Opportunities

This is a very important stage. You have already figured out what your strengths are, now you will be able to see that lots of opportunities have opened up for you. Your coach might want you to think about different routes you want to take to explore those opportunities.

Naming Approach

You and your coach now can discuss ideas and determine the best route. Once you have done discussing, your coach will want you to name the best route or most viable approach that is available to you. That is the approach you will take.

Goal Setting

This is self-explanatory. You have done this before. In sports, and in school or college. Setting goals is very important to achieve anything. You may have already set goals even before taking the coach’s help. Nonetheless, the two of you will talk about your goals and the coach will break it down into feasible steps. That way it won’t seem impossible to achieve.

Taking Action

When you reach this stage, know that all of the practice and brainstorming is done. Now, it’s time for action. From this stage onwards, you will take actions that will let you achieve your goals. If you fail on the way, the coach is there to help you up.

Honoring Accomplishments

Remember the feasible steps we talked about a little before? Your coach will acknowledge your success in every step. Because celebrating is important as it will boost your confidence to be recognized by your coach.


Seeing that many stages many seem overwhelming to you at first, but don’t worry about it. Your coach will be there with you on every stage, and lift you up should you fall.


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