Tall Sculpture – Burj Khalifa Vs the Kingdom Tower


From World Wars to Cold Ward and Holy Wars, what we didn’t see in the world. Oh no, we forget about the Height Wars! But, we don’t mean the competition of personal height rather than the tallest sculptures. Not the simple tall sculpture, we’re talking about the skyscrapers of the Kingdom Tower also known as Jeddah Tower (KSA) and the Burj Khalifa (UAE). The second one with its 200 floors is getting considered the tallest one in the world until the first one was inaugurated. It means that when the Kingdom Tower hits across the world and secures the first position as the tallest one, the Burj Khalifa goes to the second position. As a result, the Height Wars reach the new level when all’s said and done, but it actually it has started newly.

A Brief of the Height Wars

We have said the Height Wars have been started newly as it was started before 130 years ago. It’s because the term “Skyscraper” was used for the first time for the “Home Insurance Building” in Chicago in 1884, which is widely known as Chicago Tower. Then this 42 meters high tower was the tallest one in the world for the next 115 years that was a record that the world’s tallest structure was always in the U.S.A. But, when it leaped from the United States in 1930, it reached to France with the French Eiffel Tower. But, the expert and the viewers were considering these as the beginning of the new wars named Height Wars. As a result, the world observed the series of mega tall skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, and Dubai of Asia.

Compare Burj Khalifa in Dubai and The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah


Now, let’s come to the current point that we’re talking about. Here are some basic comparisons that are why you can say Burj Khalifa in Dubai is less tall than the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. It’s true the structural design is almost the same or maybe better, the Kingdom Tower, which is designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill of Chicago who was also the designers of the Burj Khalifa. But, the Kingdom Tower is going to be the highest observatory in the world with a height of 634 meters from the ground. It’s with the highest observatory with 98-foot-diameter (29.9 meters) open-air circle along with the same was initially deliberated to be a helipad.


In addition, as The Kingdom Tower has 3 sky lobbies for a wonderful cool view of the world where the highest one is on the 157th floor. Along with a large space on the lobbies, its patios with the three sides that you can watch the great sceneries of Jeddah and the Red Sea and above all the city is extremely beautiful. Also, it has a total of 59 elevators where 54 single-deck and other 5 are double-deck along with 12 escalators. Despite the highest picking up, you don’t need to worry about sickness in these elevators.

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