We get various kinds of apps, robots, tools, and other Artificial Intelligence technology in this age. For this cause, we can educate our children easily. But social learning is the best learning for our children.

And there is no interaction between AI and our children. Furthermore, there are a lot of facilities for the use of technology but have some unnecessary problems. Modern technology amplified our education system anyhow.

On the other hand, we don’t see the flexibility of our children, and we don’t find any potential experiences. Hench, now there are a huge number of fields including best tech startups, schools, campuses or extra curriculum activities.

Creativity is at the center of progress

In the present situation, we use technology for creativity. But for being more depended on technology, a human is losing their creativity. Though people depend on technology, they don’t think about creativity.

If we don’t use or practice our creativity, we cannot go ahead actually. Creativity is indeed lying in every profession of our lives. Recently, we were getting dependent on AI. So, for any kind of problem, we don’t find using our merit. As a result, we lose our creativity.

But our world demands human creativity. In contrast, only technology or AI is not the only solution. If we forget our human creativity, one day we will fall into danger.

Besides, we mean an educative creative child who is involving in engaging in a local play, getting messy or normal activities. Whatever, education of creative children means; they can interact with each other and share their normal feelings.

So, to educate a child, we can make our education system effective. As a result, children can build up their mindset in creative work.

Replace The Complacency with Action

It is now very hard to get a good job for the future subsequently. We initially just tried to educate our children but don’t care about complacencies. But we can indeed win our fear by complacency. Moreover, we always try hard to get compliancy, but we never try simply.

To get it, we just need to change our actions of work. We can play our life with emotions if we try it is drastic. But we indeed see the future life will full of AI.

Integrate Your Learning with Your Child’s

You can educate your child from this early life since we have no limit on learning. In a word, it is a better way to be empathetic to your child’s learning system. If you learn with your children, you cannot find the limit of your learning.

The Path of Learning Is Failing Over and Over Again

In short, human feelings are more powerful than a hat of AI. Because you can eat, you get hungry. You can understand your benefits of losing. Moreover, you get into danger or feeling enjoy when you win somehow.

You should go through your child in this process so that they can understand reality. When your child fails in a task, he will learn from it and gather experiences.


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