The format of a file decides what you’re able to do with the method. Also, it determines which program you need to open it. You can identify the format of a file by searching the extension of the specific file. If you think of every format that comes with a different language, you’ll find some of them are understandable by some particular platforms and programs.

You may have to convert a file to a new format to use that file or you may need to rotate PDF online. Such as, you get a document from your colleague that has made into Word processor of the Mac OS. But, you’ll be not able to open and view it on Windows 10 PC because of the different OS.

Also, some websites ask image upload of specific formats only. For all cases, you need to convert your files into the most available formats. They also provide you to rotate PDF and save them for your different purposes.

Check Your Apps

Usually, it’s your app that allows you making the file and save it as some other formats else. For example, when you view a file on Google Docs, you can download it. This allows you to get a list of different formats where you have the option to convert the file. These are different types of files like plain text, Word, PDF, and others.

As you can go with word processors, you can go with image, video, or audio editing apps. These apps allow you saving your documents into different file formats. So, it’s easy for you to choose the right one. When you export an image, for example, from Mac OS, you can choose the formats like JPEG, PNG, or TIFF.

For Your Videos Files

When you need to convert your video files, you can simply go through VLC or Handbrake. In this case, Handbrake is suitable for most platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. These are also the same for VLC converter and both of them are free apps and nothing wrong to go with them.

While using any one of them, you’ll be able to convert your files into the most imaginable file format and lets you convert the file into another famous type of video. It’s as simple to use as easy to pick from pre-set modes to optimize your videos.

Also, you can go deep into the settings for the codec when you’re happier with the app. Apart from these, Handbrake can rip videos from even DVD and it also supports chapter markers and subtitles. Besides, VLC Media Player can play the most types of video file formats for all platforms.

For Your Images Files

There are lots of free apps to convert your image files. These include XnConvert that’s great to work with the most platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

For Your Audio Files

When it comes to the audio file converters, you’ll find many free apps out there. For example, Adapter and Zamzar is the top on the list.


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