Converting your pdf into grayscale have a lot of methods that you can employ. There are numerous apps, sites, and software that can convert your pdf files into grayscale. Grayscale means to use just black and white colors that represent your file to either save up on printer ink or just doesn’t have a job for colored prints. Here are a few methods you can convert your pdf into grayscale.

1. Using Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is by far the easiest software to operate regarding pdfs. Among all of its features, it can also convert pdfs into grayscale. It is mostly used to either save on colored print ink or just simply reduce the size of the pdf There are actually two methods to do that.

Adobe Postscript

This is the most basic way to print the Adobe pdf in grayscale.

  1. Open the pdf in Adobe Reader
  2. Go to files and click “Print” or just press CTRL+P
  3. Select Adobe Postscript
  4. Check the “Print in grayscale (black and white)” button
  5. Click “Print” to send the file to the printer

Print Production

To get more advanced features, you can use Print Production

  1. Add pdf to Acrobat
  2. Go to Tools and click Print Production
  3. Click Preflight
  4. Click “Convert Colors” to expand and double click the “Convert to grayscale”
  5. Click “Digital Printing and online publishing” and double click Digital Printing B/W”

2. Using Preview on Mac

The Preview software on Mac is a very useful tool to read and make pdfs. Not only that, but it is also used to view photos and edit them. Printing in grayscale is a bit hectic in Preview due to a bug.

  1. Use Preview to open the pdf file.
  2. Go to the File menu and click “Export”
  3. When exporting, change the format of the file from pdf to jpeg
  4. Open the file again and do the same but change from jpeg to pdf
  5. Next, use the dropdown menu beside the Quartz filter
  6. Choose the black and white or grayscale filter from the list
  7. Save the file and click print

3. Using Online Converters

There are tons of online pdf converters that are used through cloud services to read and edit your pdfs. PDF editor online tool can convert PDF to grayscale online free. It saves up the hard disk space on your computer but there is an increased risk of security as you are uploading your pdf online which may be confidential. If you are not bothered by that, you can use these steps to convert your pdf into grayscale on any basic online tool.

  1. Go to a website that convert PDF to grayscale online free.
  2. Select your pdf files and upload them on the online converter from your local or cloud storage
  3. Click “Print”
  4. Choose or check the grayscale or black and white options in the print menu
  5. Download it and print

PDFs are a useful way to present your business portfolios or print your CV and so much more stuff. It is mostly used to provide security rather than the doc files where you can edit openly. Colored or grayscale prints depends upon your usage but it does affect heavily on the size and the ink usage.


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