1. Converting Anything into PDF

One of the key features of Adobe Reader is that it lets any type of content convert into PDF. This feature is also available in Microsoft Word, but it only allows its own doc file. Even Adobe Reader can convert doc into PDF with a simple drag and drop feature. However, what makes Adobe Reader much more diverse is that it lets any type of web page, scanned document, image, screen capture and even AutoCAD drawings into PDF with ease. If you want to do without premium Adobe fees, you can use PDF to Excel converter online free.

2. Same PDF Different Windows

Often times, you need to take notes of different sections of the same PDF file. It can be irritating by constantly scrolling section to section. Research papers, especially, require this sort of phenomenon. Adobe Reader has a perfect solution for this as it can open multiple windows of the same PDF so that you can consult them per your needs. All you need to do is click the New Window in the Windows menu. You can then enjoy the hassle free work and even rearrange the windows to your convenience.

3. High-Quality Print

There is an option of “High-Quality Print” in the Adobe Reader that allows you to print the highest definition pdf document. It down samples color and grayscale by quite a lot and the colors are left unchanged. The fonts are embedded and subset. This is helpful for those who need to print for a professional presentation.

4. Adding Annotations

Annotations have been a part of Adobe Reader for the longest of times. The viewers can add feedback and comments to your document. However, it is up to the author if they choose to enable the commenting or not using Acrobat Pro. If it is, you can provide feedback easily by using the comment option in the Views menu.

5. Highlighting the Text

You can highlight the existing text in the PDF document. This is another handy trick when you want to highlight an important point in the document or a quote you like on an eBook. It is very easy and you can even customize the color of the highlighted text differently. For people who like to make notes using color coding will find this PDF trick very helpful.

6. Advanced Search

Another handy tip for the Adobe Reader is that it makes searching in PDF much easier. Searching a word or a term on a PDF can be a real pain because how big and sectorial it is. Adobe Reader has an option called Advanced Search which can be activated by pressing CTRL+F and then selecting the Open Full Reader Search from the drop-down box. From there, you can search specific text, subject and interactive lists within seconds.

7. Signature Documents Electronically

In this modern world, everything is electronic just like eBooks there are now E-signatures. These are digitized signatures that are used to sign any document. Adobe Reader has this feature as you can either scan your signature or adding a text manually that represents you. It is done easily and is important for businessmen who thrive on technology.

If you want to convert PDF to another format, Adobe Reader doesn’t provide it in the free version. You can use free PDF to Excel converter online. The advantage of using an online converter is that you don’t need to install it and it’s free to use. So, search ‘PDF to Excel converter online free’ and start converting your documents to other formats.


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