Parents are supposed to bring in knowledge of their kids that what cyberbullying is. They should make them well aware of the fact that their accounts can easily be hacked by the thieves and they can end up their whole career just within few minutes. There should be an awareness created among the families related to cyberbullying that how can it cause mental and physical harm to an individual. Also, how the thieves can easily end up hacking the accounts of the kids and open new accounts by their names ruining their position and social status. Their financial status can also be destroyed even before they reach adulthood.

Many parents of our young generation are always worried about the fact that how does more exposure to technology can easily affect the young generation, as well as toddlers also. Most of the kids are spending their time while being stuck or glued to their places while using the phones of their parents or siblings. They are not paying attention to whatever is happening in their surroundings. There is a survey that was conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health that asked 14-24-year-olds in the UK that how the platform of this social media does impact their health and them being well. The survey ended up that social media like snap chat, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and all other apps are the reason for their increasing depression, anxiety and the feeling of loneliness day by day.


As we all are very well aware of the fact that the girls are a bit emotional impact this female gender is considered as a bit emotional as compared to male ones. SO if anything happens that is against their choices or whatever they want, it will make them angrier. Girls will relatively then end up texting such thing to their friends or families or anyone whom they are talking to, that they will never be able to say them face to face in decades no matter how many levels of anger they have. But if they are on their phones, they will not think about it that how will it affect the other person and all they are concerned about is that what the other person has said to them. Some apps can easily help your parents in monitoring their kids. BlurSPY phone spy app is considered as one of those main and trustable apps. 


This indirect communication is also defined as the disconnection of the people from their closed ones in daily life and ending up to communicating them on social media or text messages. Girls of our young generation are being affected adversely. After the school hours, they stay to their room using their phones whole the time sticking to their places doing nothing but chatting to their friends, sharing photos, sharing posts and other things on their social media accounts. All these girls doing nothing except for wasting time. Instead of wasting time they should better go out of their rooms and spend their time with their parents as well as siblings.


Communication through indirect ways with your friends, colleagues or relatives or families will lead to an adverse effect. Conditions can become worse. Consider there is any problem girls need to discuss with their friends or parents, siblings or any other person with whom they need to clarify the things and make the things better, then the communication through the phones or emails or anything that is considered as an indirect way will worsen the issues and problems that need to be resolved as soon as possible. Resolving the problems through the indirect means will do nothing except for creating more issues and problems for themselves.

Features of BlurSPY or how can it help us in parental control?

Feature 1-Record and monitor the surroundings:

BlurSPY can help parents in controlling all the activities of their kids by recording their surrounding that whatever is happening to them, whom they are interacting etc

Feature 2-Listen to calls:

It will also let the parent listen to the calls of their children that whomever they are contacting and communicating with. It will let the parents educate their children about cybersecurity by monitoring them so that they do not get indulge in such activities. 

Feature 3-Text Message monitoring:

Another feature of this BlurSPY is that it will let the parents in monitoring the text messages of their children and kids. It will help them in knowing their daily routine that whatever is going in their lives.

All in all teaching your kids about cyber hazards is the most imperative part to do so. Otherwise, the result would be lethal. Your child could suffer a lot.


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