Are you interested in Asian antiques? Do you want to learn about them but don’t know how? Well, Asian antiques have become a phenomenon in recent years. And due to the demand there have been a lot of blogs on Asian antiques popping up. 

From the mundane to the very rare these blogs feature all you need to know about the Asian antiques and furniture. However, with so many choices you may find it hard to settle on a blog. The following passages have been written to help you with that conundrum. Here are the Best Asian Antiques blogs you can try out for yourself.

Antiques Trade Gazette

Established in 1971 the Antiques Trade Gazette is basically dedicated to provide its reader with unrivalled news coverage and analysis of the art and antique scene. This blog prides itself in its values and makes sure that heritage of authority, integrity and accuracy is always at the heart of their reporting. They started their blog section back in 1999 and posts about 2 blogs a week. If you want to learn something interesting, you can give them a try.

Asian Arts Initiative

This blog from Philadelphia was created to explore the synergy between everyday people and art. This community based art center has a multitude of goals. One of their main objective is to explore the diverse experiences of Asian Americans. Alongside that they want to address social context and have an impact on the community with positive social change.

Indian Art Blogs

If you are interested in Asian art specifically Indian art, then this is the place for you. They have slowly built up a community of Indian art lovers and enthusiast who share and write moving content about Indian art. They have been publishing a blog every month since 2008 and you should be making them your priority if you are interested in Indian art. 


Anthony Wu is an Asian art consultant. Their specialty ranges from Chinese porcelain and Chinese paintings to Japan, Korea, the Himalayas, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Islamic World. One of the best around you should be following this blog if you want to know more about Asian art.

China Art Management

This is an organization that caters to the needs of professionals who are in need of expertise regarding Chinese art and other Antique Asian furniture. They don’t have a fixed set of services and is adaptable according to the needs of the client. They post about once a month and has insider information about the current state of the Asian antique market and trends. 

Finding Your Source

So there you go, these are some of the best blogs I have come across when looking for content on Asian antique furniture other antiques. You can be rest assured that there are plenty of other great places to find great blogs about Asian antiques. Make sure you are doing your own research and get what you are looking for. 

Remember, if you are looking to start an antique shop you should be studying up on the sector and blogs like these will help you a lot. They will not only help you get the knowledge required but also help you stay ahead of your competition.


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