Some of the worst SEO mistakes that you should avoid when opting for the search engine optimization are given below.

1. Not Including Images and Fixing Them with ALT Tag

Sometimes an image impacts in a better way as compared to the directions in the form of content. Don’t say minimizes the bounce rate and reduce the bounce rate means better ranking in a search engine. Directions can be understood more effectively in the form of images rather than in the form of content. However, you should always use ALT tag so that an image can appear in the search engine in relevance with the keywords. Here ALT means alternate text.

2. Developing Unique but Low-Quality Content

As search engines are constantly evolving, so creating unique content no longer serves the purpose to raise the ranking of the website. Now search engines can differentiate between the quality content and spin-off of content. Creating quality content takes more time to research and then writing. So, now quality matters more than the uniqueness of the content.

3. Using Broken Links

Broken links not only give the worst impact but they also leave the visitors to the dead end which means that they are not going to visit your website again. Maybe they leave your website immediately after finding a broken link as it means you do not focus on quality. So, always double check links before making your website live.

4. Not Including Video

Gone are the days when only content could engage the visitors to stay longer on your website. Videos are more efficient to engage your visitors as compared to the content or images. It also decreases the bounce rate which ultimately means the better ranking. SEO services in Sydney can help you create impactful videos to attract visitors or potential clients.

5. Slow Website Loading Time



A website should load as quickly as possible. The algorithm of a search engine considers load time too crucial as nobody waits longer when a website takes more time to load. Visitors will immediately close your website to look for any other website, maybe lower in ranking but with little less load time. When the purpose of your website is to attract more customers delay of a single second can cost you huge losses.

6. Ignoring Mobile Users

As more people are using internet via mobile nowadays, so you need to make your website mobile responsive. Not making it mobile responsive means not allowing a number of visitors to visit your website when they are not using a laptop or desktop.

7. Not Getting an SEO Audit

Once your website is completed or if you have revamped your website then to get a better picture of the performance of your website you should consider an SEO audit. Search it for different site errors, broken links, an accuracy of the sitemaps, loading time of the external links, and a little search for a robot. You can hire one of the SEO companies Long Island to get your website audited.

There are many other major and minor mistakes which can happen if you are a novice or doing SEO for yourself without consulting with any professional. Hire a SEO freelancer if you want the best SEO services within a little spending.


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