Signing up to the web building site ‘’ is the fastest way to launch a personal blog. This is the way many new bloggers start their blogging. comes with some limitations that get evident quickly a blog rises while this is a nice place to initiate.

But, you should convert the site to if you would like to exceed these limitations. Also, it’ll eliminate the need to search for “where can I buy a domain name” as you already have one.

However, it’s important to know the reasons why you should convert your WordPress site from ‘.com’ to ‘.org’. That’s why we’re going to share some significant reasons to will ensure you the value of the move.

Using Of Various Plugins

The hidden power of the website builder WordPress actually gets from different plugins. It’s because it provides you to get almost everything you need for your website. You’ll find a huge collection of plugins out there, which is over 30,000 and most of them are free of cost.

And all of the plugins are just for builders. Moreover, you’ll get to install a lot of paid plugins from different sources. While using plugins, they allow you to do many things you need.

These include email list building, an eCommerce store creating, and many more. There are lots of good chances that somebody has previously made a plugin if you imagine a few cool features to include to the website.

Utilizing of Different Themes

If you have a website with, you’ll find endless themes out there. But, it gets with a limitation while using websites. Apart from some premium and paid themes, these types of users will get some hundreds of themes for websites.

Besides, you’ll not get any limitation while using websites. Indeed, the themes for these sites are endless. Some of the useful and our recommended themes for e-commerce shops are Elegant Themes, StudioPress, and ThemeLab. But, you have the opportunity to choose from thousands of themes.

Running Commercials On Your Website

If you use a WordPress website, it’ll just get the ads that come from free blogs of WordPress. You don’t have any control to select the type of ads to show on your site.  You have the chance to get an upgrade to mute the ads, but it’ll cost an amount of money.

When it comes to the, you can’t run commercials on your free plan. However, you have the option to use affiliate links, sponsored posts, and participating in ad programs named “WordAds.”

You make a decision whether or not to run ads on your self-hosted WordPress website. Also, you have the option to choose what type of ads will show on your site.

Bottom Line

You’ll get your individual domain name while using a self-hosted site in But, you’ll not get this option on, which is a great advantage for it.

Besides, users can export their data anytime they need and even to their own hosted site. However, this is a great issue if you use when you need to move your website data after you buy domain name for a fresh start.


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