How the Android Enterprise Platform Helps Your Business?


Trends are useful because they tell us what’s happening in the market as of right now. When you’re running a mobile app development company, you have to be updated with all the latest trends because they will increase your profits, user engagements, and maximize development cycles. No matter how big Apple is, Android is the operating system that dominates the global mobile market. There is an overwhelming number of Android apps, devices, and loyalists and the amount is much greater than its competitors. However, Android is still behind Apple when it comes to revenue. Google has been working tirelessly for years to dethrone Apple but it’s not easy. Android Enterprise platform has many uses for business and we discuss in this article how it can help your business.

Android Enterprise

As mentioned earlier, Android is already the most popular app development platform on the market for a mobile app development company. This is why the Android market has witnessed a series of a steady increase of business-oriented apps that have changed the market. But the most influential part of the Android platform is its enterprise frameworks which lets custom apps to be built that suits the specific needs of your business.

Device Provisioning

Android has many built-in systems that come as standards and Device Provision is one of its great examples. Device Provisioning lets companies choose how they register device IDs and what they can be used as. This excellent feature is usually used in order to send push notifications but it can also be used for the purpose of sending reports to the users about operations or account changes. No matter what the particular need is, device provisioning can take a long time but if you use a platform that can automate the process, it will demolish the problem instantly.

Passcode Management and Password Lifecycles

When you operate online, password management is your first line of defense. The enterprise platform has a lot of password-based security protocols that will strengthen your app to your specific needs. The Android platform will also make the password generation, expiration, and authentication automatic.

Hardware Security Management

The Android platform is always wary of an instance where a machine using its platform is either malicious or not known. Threat detection in Android, both through software and hardware, is also an automated process that can save your company. The Android platform can guarantee a level of security by using an advanced credentials system that other platforms cannot.

Enterprise Apps Can Protect Company Hardware

The Android platform can be used for all of the software needs to create apps for every business. For instance, cafes, banks, hotels, etc. Android Jetpack is a framework with which a mobile app development company in Riyadh can easily create, prototype, and test code.


Enterprise apps act as supplements to the new and improved AI, instant apps that let the users play games without even downloading them. If used properly, the Android enterprise can do wonders for your business.

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