8 Proven Web Design Tips for Better Conversion


You should know some of the proven web design tips for better conversion before contacting a web design Melbourne Australia company. The best tips in this regard are listed below so let’s start.

1. Make Speed Absolute Priority

Over the years, various research studies have found out that speed is directly linked with bounce rate, customer satisfaction as well as conversion rate. The higher speed leads to better conversion. Considering this proven fact, you need to improve the website speed and make it your priority.

2. Use Hick’s Law

According to Hick’s law, the users are more likely to take a decisive step when they are given more options. Therefore, you should provide your customers with an increased number of choices about the things you want them to be engaged with. Moreover, reduce the options of those items about which you do not want more actions.

3. Keep Everything Simple

The experts believe that there should be simplicity in everything. From sidebars to layout, colors and fonts- you should keep things simpler. There are many advantages to this. The users feel satisfied, there is less mess on the site and decision making becomes easier for the customers.

4. Use People in Pictures

It is reported that the photos used on the homepage, blogs and other sections of the website should contain humans instead of animations and other visuals. The reason for this is that humans attract the users and look more appealing. It can improve the conversion rate on any business website.

5. Use Descriptive Headline on Homepage

When it comes to content for better conversions, various tricks are used. However, using descriptive headlines on the homepage is the best of all. According to the experts, the meaningful sentences with catchy headings are considered better for users. New people find such content more appealing.

6. Do Not Use Social Media Icons in Header

It has been seen that many people add social media icons in the header of their websites. This, as per the views of many experts, is the bad choice. You should use the footer instead of the header for such icons. The header should be used for more important details and information.

7. Avoid Long Paragraphs in Content

Content has always remained crucial for better conversion rate. Nonetheless, many people make this mistake when they write long paragraphs without headings, subheadings, bullets, data and references. Users find such content boring and they will skip it instead of spending time on reading.

8. Optimize Email Signup

Last but not surely the least, you should also optimize the email signup process. On many sites, this process is really complex, contains many steps and takes time of the users. There is a need to make this process simpler, more convenient for the users so that they feel comfortable with it and can complete it in short time.


In order to improve conversion on your website, you can try multiple tricks as advised by your web design or Magento development Sydney company. Site optimization, improved speed, simplicity, pictures with humans, short paragraphs and descriptive headings for the content are the best practices in this regard.

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