When it comes to designing your website, there are so many ways. In this age of modern communication, a good website is crucial for your business to grow. It reflects your view. You can design it from classy to minimalistic, playful and vibrant to sleek and modern.

Having a comprehensive, clutter-free website is necessary for your new business. But getting started can seem intimidating to you if you have never had your website before. A custom website design company can help you with your problem. Here are five essential tips for building your first custom website.

#1. Keep Your Homepage Minimalistic & Clutter-free

Your web design agency should have a clutter-free homepage for a great head start. After all, people rarely read every single word on the page. Instead of reading everything, they will just look for the keywords or images.

The less they have to click and read, the better they will be able to process and evaluate the website. So, you have to build your website with some specific things in mind. Firstly, you have to space out the contents properly. Secondly, you have to add images which can attract more customers.

#2. Create Easy To Read Contents for the Website

Readability is an essential part of the contents of your website. It’ll be hard for the customers to understand if you have contents that don’t have easy-to-read articles. If the contents of your website are easy to read and understand, then the users can read through it effortlessly.

Sufficient contrast between your text and the background color is essential for improved readability. Making the fonts larger also increases the readability of the people who has problems seeing small texts.

#3. Ensure Ease of Navigation

If the users can’t navigate appropriately on your website, then they will likely just skip it. A website with solid navigation will help the search engine index better and give the users a great experience. It will decrease the impression and ranking of your website.

You can ease this process by doing some minor modifications. You can add your logo to the homepage button. Then the users will save some precious clicks. Also, you can offer vertical navigation. That way, they can reach the top quickly.

#4. Make a Mobile-Friendly Website   

Nowadays, the majority of users access the internet with mobile phones. So you have to concentrate on these users too. The website should be optimized no matter which device is used to access it.

Your mobile website should be less cluttered than your desktop version. The mobile screen has a lot less usable space to interact with than their desktop counterparts. So, you can minimize the page elements and scales down some assets to fit the mobile version and optimize for it.

#5. Invest On Your Domain Name

Having your domain is crucial for a strong online presence. It is recommended for all businesses to buy a domain name. Some offer free ad-supported domains, while others come at a price.

But you should opt for a paid plan. That way, you can make your custom name and keep your website ad-free. That way, it will attract more users.


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