When looking for junk removing services, we seldom take the opportunity to thoroughly research the company and tend to hire just about anyone either via referrals or cost-effectiveness. But this shouldn’t be the case!

There are certainly some well-reputed authentic junk removal service New York that sort through the junk and use advanced tech in the process.

Here are the top mistakes you should look out for when hiring a junk removal company.

1. Not Doing Thorough Research

You should definitely avoid hiring just any company because of the cost-effectiveness or the fact you’re your friend who used it and liked it. We recommend doing thorough research both in-person and online for nothing but the best. The best way to look for a company is to search it online and read about their online reviews and customer feedback. Ask friends and family about the companies they have experienced previously, try going for a free trial if available and decide accordingly.

2. Choosing a Company Based in a Different Area/State

So you found a well-reputed professional junk removal service based in a different state, well think again before taking the plunge. Although the offer may be too good to resist, keep in mind that communication and transportation costs would severely affect your budget. You would have to pay extra for fuel and labor transports on top of the actual service.

3. Not Negotiating On the Set Costs

When it comes to crucial matters, homeowners tend to visit and experience the service in person but when we think about junk removal companies, most people prefer to deal online or via call. What we advise is that you should have the service providers visit your house for an initial assessment about the quantity and weight of the junk, and have them quote a price accordingly. That’s when you can decide whether you want to hire the said company or not.

4. Not Discussing About Insurance Coverage

Having said that, most companies do provide insurance coverage to their clients, but there are a few companies that tend to provide their services without any guarantee of accidental losses and damage. Make sure you go with the ones that promise some coverage of your household items before you regret your decision painstakingly.

5. Not Discussing About Recycling the Junk

While some junk removal Suffolk county does offer the option of recycling your junk, some most frankly couldn’t care less about it. In an era, where the environment is already suffering at the hands of human waste, it is wise to choose a company that supports its clients in making a significant impact on the environment while still ensuring premium service.

6. Lack of Communication

Most companies have a fixed set of items that they don’t dispose of. Make sure to discuss this beforehand rather than having to pay a hefty amount without getting the actual work done. Make sure to inquire about mattress removals and garden shed removals as well.


Here you go, folks! A comprehensive guide to ensure a smooth junk removal the next time you hire one.


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