Tips to Set up A Kitchen like Professional Cooks


If you regularly cook your house and make a prep station, this content is for you. Mainly, here we will provide all the ways to make the prep station with the best tips. If you notice on the restaurant kitchen, then you will get that they have a particular prep station for each task.

Well, you may think that maintaining the prep station will be pretty tough. But if you follow some tips and tricks, you will manage your kitchen like an expert cook. You can also use the best kitchen appliances like the best toast machine in your kitchen.

If you maintain the prep zone, you will be able to do your everyday task very correctly, even in a short time. So, before you look for the best stand up mixer, let’s read the below content to get the best tips to set up the prep station.  

General Vegetables Prep Station 

Firstly, let’s talk about the vegetable prep station. Well, the prep station requires knives, cutting boards and towels. It is very vital to select suitable knives for the perfect slice of vegetables. Usually, we suggest everyone buy a stainless steel knife for vegetable cutting.

Moreover, which kind of chopping board you are using is also very vital. Now let’s talk about the towels. Towels are also a vital thing for the kitchen prep station. Mainly the towels will help you to keep the knives dry.

Also, you have to keep the wet towels to wipe the knives after cutting the vegetables. Another essential thing is the scarp container which is very helpful to keep the peel or extra parts directly on it. That will help you to get a clean cutting board after the chopping of the vegetables.  

Prep Station for Chicken

Well, everyone loves chicken, but many people face lots of problems while processing the chicken in their kitchen. We all know that chicken processing is one of the messy things. But if you follow some simple tips and tricks, then this task will be easy for you.

Moreover, the cutting board also becomes messy, and we do not prefer to cut other things on this board. And that is why we suggest going for the plastic grip chopping board. Mainly, it is best for chicken cutting.

However, we will recommend you warp the board with the kitchen wrap and then prepare your chicken. Another two things that you should ensure before you cut the chicken.

And that is hand gloves. Always wear gloves before handling the raw chicken. All these simple tips will make your chicken cutting task hassle-free.  

Prep Station for Fish

Lastly, let’s know how to set up a prep station for the fish. When you process the fish, it also makes your kitchen dirty. And that is the expert cook use the sheet tray. Mainly the food on the plastic board and keep the messy parts on the tray after cuttings.

Mostly, you have to very careful about the fish cutter. First and foremost, you have to select a knife that especially comes for fish cutting.

After that, you have to ensure the best quality kitchen scissors to cut the fish fins and other hard parts. Last but not least, do not forget to keep the scarp container near you while cutting the fish.

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