5 Types Of Smart Doorbell Camera You Should Know About

5 Types Of Smart Doorbell Camera You Should Know About

Everything is changing day by day. One of the important changes is a smart security system to give you the best security of protecting yourself and what you have at home. Thieves are getting smarter, so you should have a security system installed at your home.

The smart doorbell is very easy to install. If you are a DIY expert, you can install it by yourself. However, there are several types of doorbell cameras available in the market that you should know about.

Here is some of the best smart door camera to give you the security you need.

#1. Night Vision Video Doorbell

A night vision doorbell is a doorbell camera that can capture an image clearly. If someone knocks on your door at night, it is impossible to see that person clearly, but the video doorbell has that night vision feature that can capture the photo at night to view it later.

#2. Wireless Video Doorbell

Wireless video doorbell is a very affordable doorbell. The smart wireless doorbell system can run on batteries and be connected to the main electrical system in your home. If you have multiple entrances, it provides you with multiple pushbuttons for that.

If you are not at home, the wireless doorbell system provides you the security to see who is on the other side of the door; they will never know that you are not at home.

#3. Motion Detection Video Doorbell

Motion detection video doorbell is a selected area detection process. When you set up a motion detection video doorbell, you have to choose an area to monitor, and it works to compare the image from your video. If enough pixel has changed between that frame, the motion detection camera will determine that something has moved and sent you an alert for that.

#4. Doorbell Camera With Chime

A doorbell camera with a chime can give you alerts when someone is at the door. The jingle has some sounds which will sound when someone arrives at your door and also you can see live and if you want to know that person you can talk by smart phone. 

#5. Climate Sensor Doorbell Camera

Sometimes doorbell camera cannot capture the image clearly, so you cannot recognize that person on the other side of the door. It happens most in the winter season because of fog-covered every area. There is a doorbell camera called a climate sensor doorbell. It provides a clear image to view when fog is all around.

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Final Word

Sometimes you forget about the value of yourself and your belonging. Most people forget about security, and for that, thieves are getting chances to commit crimes. To reduce crime and make you secure, you should have a doorbell camera at your home because if you are aware of that, people will get inspired by you in the future. 

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