More often than not, we tend to stick to traditional photographs and pictures. But today I am bringing you a list of unconventional items you never thought you could frame, that sparks creativity and goes against the conventional artwork norms.

Let’s begin!

1. Spare Scarves

To frame a scarf, all you have to do is purchase a matching frame. Just make sure the dimensions are smaller than the actual scarf. Next cut a piece of cardboard the size of your scarf, cover the scarf around the cardboard secure the edges by taping them at the corners and enjoy your new abstract photo frame. No one will ever guess.

2. Maps

And you guessed it right? Who knew you could use your vintage map as a décor piece by simply framing it. Maps are more than just a piece of paper, if you select the right vintage map with a vibrant color scheme adorned with different textures and patterns. This is customizable artwork at your fingertips. 

3. Magazine Covers

Popular magazines and covers are mostly filled with vibrant shades of color and exquisite patterns that catch the attention of the viewer. Why not use them to your advantage? All you need is a magazine cover that you are obsessed with and the complementing frame to go along with it. Easy and cheap. No one will ever know. Of course, you can go for black and white canvas art if you are the person who loves black and white art.

4. Tapestries

Once again this is versatile and much more visually pleasing with the minimal amount of effort required. Tapestries come in all shades and sizes to choose from, you can buy something less expensive that suits your budget, or cherish your favorite vintage Turkish tapestry in a frame forever. 

5. Shells, Twigs You Name It!

Are you coming back from a memorable travel trip and looking to make it memorable? Polaroids are a thing of the past. Why not DIY your own home décor piece by sticking shells, pebbles or unique leaf pressings. All you have to do is stick your collectibles on a wooden board with epoxy and encase them in a deep frame. Hang it in your main sitting area or decorate your room and cherish your memories forever.

6. An Archery Target

More towards the masculine theme, an archery target is bound to grab attention from everyone that visits your house. You can use it to Spice up your boos man-cave, or simply uplift your little archers accent wall. To make it compatible with your furniture pieces, don’t forget to mat your archery target. 

7. Wrapping Paper

Do you have empty photo frames? Well you can utilize them on by dressing up your frames with unique and abstract wrapping papers. 

8. Astrological Maps and Signs

For all of your astronomy fanatics, you can simply frame unique astrological maps, abstract constellations or simply put up your zodiac sign on display. 

9. A Unique Wallpaper

So are you doing over a peculiar wallpaper but scared that it won’t complement your walls? Worry not, simply frame your favorite wall paper as a statement piece for your room. 


So there you have it! These are some of the most less heard of items that you can frame and decorate your walls while staying on a budget. If you don’t have time for framing stuff, go for black and white canvas art. You can thank us later!


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