Cleaning may seem like a never-ending task. The thought of scrubbing down surfaces and sorting out clutter for hours can make you procrastinate even further. Well, today we will be discussing a few tips and tricks to help you clean your lounge in 10 minutes or so.

1. Gear Up with Your Supplies

If you’re asking, how to clean your living room in 10 minutes, know this: to pull off this cleaning spree, you need to gather up your supplies to maximize your cleaning time without the possibility of any distractions. That being said, gather up your dustbins, dustpans, vacuum cleaner, a microfiber cloth/rag, a dust wand, and a trash bag.

2. Pick as You Go

The first step to decluttering is to sort and make a pile of things that don’t belong in the living room. Place these items in a laundry basket and get them out of the way. This will make your cleaning spree much easier. For items that are an absolute waste, toss them in the trash can to dump later.

3. Tackle the Couch

Your couch is the first thing your guests will notice as they enter within the premises of your home. Start by brushing up the cushions, give your couch good dust and wipe down to make it look clean. Clear the surface of any unnecessary items, food wrappers, soda pop cans, etc. Make it look presentable and organized.

4. Head Over to the Coffee Table

A neat and organized coffee table can do wonders for your living space. Start by clearing the table surface, give it a good wipe to ensure a dust-free surface, and arrange and organize your key decoration pieces and coffee table books for those good vibes. Arrange any books or magazines in an orderly fashion quickly to make the place appear neat and tidy.

5. Vacuum the Floors

You don’t need to remove the rugs or furniture to make this happen, spare the sofa and cushions for a thorough deep clean when you can. A quick sweep or a gentle vacuum around the room barely touching those nooks and crannies is more than enough to make your living room appear cleaner. What I would recommend is to clean the interior of the sofa as it will be noticeable when the guests arrive.

6. Do a Quick Dust Down

That being said, grab your dusting wand and a microfiber cloth and sweep down all the surfaces you can. Dust down the television trolley, sofa handles, doors, doorknobs, bookshelves, pictures, and decoration pieces. A quick sweeping session, albeit superficial, is more than enough to get you through this surprise guest visit when you are short on time.

7. Do A Little Bit Every day

Not exactly a tip, but for future reminders, a daily 30-minute cleaning routine eliminates the accumulation of dust and debris, and makes rapid cleaning sessions sufficient.


And there you have it! We do recommend a deep clean once every 2 weeks, but this answer to ‘how to clean your living room in 10 minutes’ or ‘how to make yourself clean your house’ is enough to help you get through most situations. Good luck!


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