You’ll find most computers of these days don’t come with CD drive if you notice them. As a result, it’s not a good idea to give your patients medical imaging copy on a CD. Healthcare sector looks like to lag when people of the most sectors are going ahead with the latest technology.

As you’re a service provider, you should consider getting the advantages of giving the online access of the medical images of your patients. This is as useful for your patient as important for your medical practices as well. No matter which DICOM image viewer you’re using, you should have this offer to your patients for many reasons.

In this post, we’re going to share some of the advantages that you may from providing the access of the medical images to your patents. So, just continue reading the entire post to understand why you should do it for your patients regardless of which mobile DICOM viewer.

It Saves You Money

While providing the access of medical image to your patients, it’s much cheaper than providing them via a CD copy. Apart from getting discounts on shipping costs, you’re able to afford it to your patients instantly. Also, while keeping and providing your patients with their images access throughout the electronics way, you don’t need to burn CD.

When you don’t need to burn CDs, you also don’t need to make a label for them. Moreover, you don’t need to pay the postage changes as well. These all are good ways to save a large amount of money.

Quicker Image Access


When mailing a CD to its payee, it’s not just time-consuming, it also expensive to send to its owner. But, if you go through the electronic way, you can do it immediately. So, it’s as more cost-effective as more convenient for your patients along with their referring specialists. It can make a major difference in the physical condition and its outcomes in critical illness.

Besides, we have observed a large percentage of CDs that are not able to use in the healthcare sector. This issue happens due to many reasons. These include damaged media, wrong information, incorrect labels, or loss of the discs. It results in reproduction costs for the supplier because they must restore plus resend a disc cop.

Improved Image Viewing

While going through an electronic method, the doctors or patient view their images without relegate to the limited function viewing app. It enables you to get an exact read when you have access with an improved image viewer with FDA approved and ubiquitously available.


Another great benefit is that you can avoid your patients’ unnecessary radiation while using the electronic way. It’s because sometimes patients forget to take their CD copy and they often need to get re-imaged.

As a result, they’re at risk of caught by another grade of radiation. This is a great way to save you another cost of re-imaging and it also prevents your patient from unnecessary exposure to the radiation of the imaging lab.


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