Things to Know About Radiology Information System, RIS


The days are no more available when you walk into a doctor’s office. They physically pull out your files and charts from a large rickety cabinet. Before 1909’s, everything was based on paper and pen or printer. It’s when the latest technology starts lifting off.

After that, most people have transitioned to getting terms. The terms include smartphones, RIS, and PACS to our dialect. But seriously, what the RIS is and what it does for the modern healthcare systems.

Like HIS RIS and PACS systems, this system is also a software-based network that the physicians use with PACS. Thus, many things are out there to know regarding Radiology Information System, RIS. And some of them are below:

Registration & Scheduling

Due to keeping a record of all the new patients’ appointments, you’re might be not using a pen on the paper method. But, you can go off into the local system along with easily write the patients’ information while making the registration using a RIS PACS integration.

With any other essential fields, you need, you’ll get the names, DOB, addresses, and causes of the visit of your patients. What you have to do just type these data and save on your computer.

All these things are easy to do while you’re talking to the patient over phone calls. Also, it’s possible while they’re standing in front of you. That means making registration and schedule have become much easier than ever.

Workflow Management

While using a RIS, it allows you to track your patient’s journey with their images and records take right through your establishment. As a result, you can only log onto the system within a moment and view all updates instantly.

You can do it rather than annoying your employees by continuously asking the rank of your patient’s CT. You can integrate most RIS with the Cloud, including your HIS, PACS, and EMR. Thus formal users across the institution may see the importance status of any particular patient imaging or record.

Digital Reporting

If you imagine the money you spend due to the purchase of paper and pen, you’re saving these days. Because of illegible handwriting, there was possible to make some errors as people were faster on typing than writing.

But, using this system, it’s possible to write and save more information than in previous decades. Also, it can allow increased income when decreases turnaround times in reports itself.

Request Documents

If we get back ancient times, you needed to mail or provide a film copy to a specialist. Then it progressed to burning CDs and DVDs gradually. However, today, you’re free of getting stresses by mail, films, CDs, and DVDs.

Even you can essentially send your imaging and records practically through a safe and sound channel. In this case, you need the integration of RIS with good cloud-based storage.

Try just clicking or tapping a button then waits a moment rather than paying additional for tracking a number. Moreover, it’s a great way to make your billing system easy that has eliminated the use of pen and paper.

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