Nowadays, sparling water is very common and popular for modern people. Also, people are taking sparkling water as a healthy alternative to soft drinks. As a result, we can tell that sparling water is less harmful than any drink.

On the other hand, soda, caffeine drinks, juices, and soft drinks can damage your teeth heavily. But, you can lessen the harmful impact on teeth by taking some measures like brush after taking tea, sodas, or soft drinks.

At the same time, sparkling water with lime flavor or bubble is safe for your teeth if you maintain it. So, before you look for dentist near me Austin TX, let’s begin!

A Brief on Sparling Water

Plain water is good for your health. Also, it is healthy, and there is no doubt. But, if your water has more than the usual level of minerals, that is a different issue. At the same time, a normal hygiene routine is vital for your teeth health.

If you take care of your teeth at least twice a day would be count as a healthy routine. The Sparling water is nothing but sugar-free and odorless carbonated water. So, there is no harmful impact on teeth.

So, if you maintain the usual hygiene routine for teeth sparkling water would not be an issue. On the other hand, a healthy teeth hygiene routine can prevent many dental problems related to drinks.

Comparison between Still Water and Sparling Water

The additional element of sparling water is carbon-based but not like the carbonated beverage. Also, carbonated water has a minor impact on teeth decay.

But the carbon gas of the sparkling water produces carbonic acid with water. That is why it would be a threat if someone takes a long time. So, you can take it is not harmful like still water.

The Things You Should Know About Sparling Water

Now we know about the difference between still water and sparkling water. Also, the element present in the sparkling water is safe. At the same time, the bi-product of carbon gas which is carbonic acid, is a bit harmful.

Similarly, the flavor of sparkling water comes from citrus or citric acid. Therefore, the addition of flavor makes it more dangerous for teeth decay.

On the other hand, the decaying impact on teeth of the sparkling drink is less than 5 % compared to soft drinks. That is why you can choose sparkling water as a healthy alternative to soft drinks.

How Much Sparkling Water Hydrated Your Body?

In terms of many studies, it is certified that sparkling drink hydrates like still water. So, you can make sparkling water to make you hydrated. At the same time, sparkling water is slightly erosive compare to still water.

Also, the impact of sparkling water is not harmful to your teeth if you take care properly. Routine care like brush or flossing your mouth two times a day is vital for teeth health. Besides, you can visit “dentist near me Atlanta” in order to get a dentist near your location in Atlanta.

Also, it would help if you saw a dentist once in a year to get an update and having a healthy tooth. So, you can love your teeth without any hassle for food or drink intake.


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