As all techs finally become outdated, PACS at your imaging center or hospital is not their exception. In average, the lifetime of a PACS is up to five years. But, some people ignore the indicating signs of getting outdated of their PACS image solution.

If you one of them you’ll find yourself in some issues with your PACS. These include data loss and some other issues when other types of disasters strike regardless of which DICOM software you’re using. You can indeed prevent losing data by getting the backup of your entire data.

But, if you don’t fix the issues that relate with your out of the date PACS then you’re still in some other problems that get larger gradually. Sometimes you even don’t know what the alarming signs that you’ll understand your PACS have been old. That’s why we’re here to help you known the sings that will indicate your PACS or DICOM viewer online is outdated.

Issue to Share Medical Imaging

You might be unable to share your patients’ medical images and reports with your patients and doctors. So, you should understand you have reached at the old aged with your PACS. Also, it’s not a good solution to burn CDs and mail them to the patient’s address in these days.

Patients’ studies have a great need to patients’ themselves, referring and specialist doctors. Also, its better as soon as possible they can get it with them. It keeps patients pleased and doctors also feel good while referring their patients return to a source like you while you’re proficient to get immediate right to use to these studies from anywhere.

Complicate To Viewing Images

Let’s make it simple. You can have a PACS imaging solution, but it doesn’t have a web-based or platform-agnostic viewer. Then your PACS is outdated. Additionally, you like to keep things very simple and easy for patients and doctors.

So, you should have a good viewer that supports your browser. But, you like to keep away yourself of the issue of downloading apps with JavaScript. Another sing of using outdated PACS is that you can’t integrate your system with other EHR systems.

Painful To Using It

There are many technical difficulties that you may face while using your PACS. These include slow login and slowing to view the studies. Usually, this slowness is one of the sings of corrupting hardware and it’ll be getting worse over time.

As you struggle to offer the possible best care, you don’t require anything corrupting you from viewing and studying those studies. It means when you feel the pain to view your DICOM files, it’s time to upgrade your PACS.

You’re Not Using the Cloud

If you use the latest PACS, it’ll allow you to get access and back up through the cloud service. But, the key thing is to make things very simple for your patients as well as for your doctors. It’s going through the cloud is the most flawless way to achieve this goal.


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