Are you searching for where can I buy CBD oil near me? But do you know how to know the quality of the CBD oil you’re buying?

Here are some tips that will help you identify quality CBD oil.

1. Extraction Method

This is one of the important factors that easily tells if the CBD oil is of high quality or not. There are a number of ways to manufacture and extract the CBD oil. But you have to be sure it has been prepared with the recommended method. When you are about to buy CBD oil, make sure you read the extraction method written on the packet. Never buy any CBD oil manufactured from any other method.

2. Source of CBD

The source of the CBD oil is really important because it defines its purity. Nowadays, many brands sell CBD oil but many are fake and the users don’t know about fake brands. Before buying, make sure the CBD oil was extracted from the hemp plant. The source, climate, origin and location of the hemp plant is also important. Most of the hemp grown in Europe is safe and original so they make original and quality CBD oil.

3. THC Percentage

THC is the component in cannabis that makes user feel high. If the CBD oil has high amount of THC, the users will get high quickly. Moreover, there are two sources of CBD oil. First is hemp plant that contains very low amount or percentage of THC and the second is marijuana that contains high amount of THC. Make sure you get CBD oil from hemp plant with a maximum percentage of 0.3% THC.


4. Lab Test Reports

Every brand claims they have pure and quality CBD oil. But you cannot be sure at first stance. All the brands selling CBD oil have their own lab tests and reports showing the percentage of components, THC, CBD and others. But you should check the lab test reports by third parties before buying any CBD oil. The third-party reports are more reliable.

5. False Promises

We have discussed the most important factors that distinguish a quality CBD oil from a fake one. These four factors are enough to figure out if you have purchased original CBD oil. However, we are going to list few more tips. And one of these is the fake promises. Many brands would tell you their products can do what others can’t. All CBD oil products have similar benefits, with exception to few cases.

6. CBD Concentration

This is another important factor that can help you choose quality CBD oil. The amount of CBD in the CBD oil determines its purity. Many sellers have products with different amount of CBD. But a pure and original CBD oil will have 250mg to 1,000mg per fluid ounce. That means, any amount lower than the least one will make your CBD oil less potent and vice versa.



7. Cost of CBD Oil

The CBD oil and other products are expensive. You should have an idea of the prices. If you see a retailer or sellers selling CBD oil at a cost that is way lower than you have read, you need to be worried because they might have fake products. Too cheap to be true is something that can tell a product is fake.

Now you can go ahead and search where can I buy CBD oil near me?


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