Get Some Simple Steps to Stay Safe from The COVID-19


COVID 19 or Coronavirus is an infectious disease. Nowadays it becomes pandemic, and many people become infected for this. Though many people are infecting by this virus and they can recover it if the infection is mild and detected on an early stage by a “COVID 19 testing centers near me”.

But it might be dangerous for people who have some medical issues and older people. If you follow the instructions given by the doctor, you can protect your and other people as well.

Everyone should follow the instructions. But before you look for “COVID 19 testing centers near me”, you should take more protection to stay safe from the pandemic.

Wash The Hands Frequently

Thoroughly and regularly wash or clean the hands using soap or sanitizer. Do you know the reason for washing or cleaning hands? Frequently we are touching surfaces and objects which can be contaminated.

Plus, you will not know and can touch eyes, mouth, nose or faces, and the virus can infect to your body. But if you use alcohol-based sanitizer and soap for cleaning hands, it can protect you from the virus. So it would help if you made a habit of washing hands often.

Avoid Touching the Mouth, Nose and Eyes

Thoroughly we touch the face without noticing anything. But at this time you should avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose. Why? You touch many things by your hand and virus can infect you from that.

If you touch this virus contaminates anything, your hand can transfer it to your body. Once the virus enters the body, it can be the reason for your sickness.

Cover The Mouth While Coughing

You should be aware of covering the cough. Whenever you are coughing, you should cover your mouth. For this, you can use a tissue or your elbow as well. When someone sneezes or coughs, it can spread the virus.

Also, the people around them can be infected by the virus. So if you cover the mouth or nose while coughing or sneezing the virus will not spread.

Avoid Close Contact and Crowded Area

Moreover, try to avoid the crowded area. If you have any medical illness or age is over 60, maintain the instruction strictly. Further, the people who have coughs or fever keep the one-meter distance from them. The virus spreads from respiratory droplets which come out from nose or mouth.

Stay Home for Sickness

If you are feeling like a cough or fever, stay home. As you stay home when you feel sick, you can recover fast. Even if the virus attacks you, you will not transmit it to others.

However, contact medical care centre quickly and let them know the symptoms. Also, they will suggest you the next step you should follow.

Gather Information from Worthy Sources

Furthermore, collect information from reputable sources like national or local health agency. WHO will provide correct information.

Why? National and local authorities have the latest information about the pandemic and the most spreading area. So they are the best source who advises about the next step.

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