Busting myths are not only fun but important. The dire situation of COVID-19 has already gotten us into massive panic mode; we don’t want to be scared by myths. These misconceptions give birth to confusion and anxiety; as a result, we tend to get scared even more. Previously we have covered and busted some ridiculous myths regarding COVID-19. Today, we will be doing the same but just debunk the myths regarding COVID-19 testing. Yes, you heard it right! There are a few myths regarding the coronavirus tests that needs to die as soon as possible. But before we proceed on killing the myths, let me tell you that testing is indeed essential. If you suspect being infected by the Coronavirus, go to the Coronavirus testing sites and get tested. Okay, now that we have informed you, let’s start the debunking process before you look for “Coronavirus fast test”.

1. The test procedure is painful

PCR test or swab test for Covid-19 isn’t painful at all. You might experience some discomfort like a ticklish feeling when the swab is inserted in your nose, mouth, and throat. You might even be feeling like coughing or sneezing when the swabbing process is being carried out. The swabbing process takes less than a minute, so it shouldn’t irritate you much. If you feel a little sneeze or ticklish in the throat, that’s normal and should go away almost immediately. However, keep in mind if you feel like sneezing, put a napkin on your mouth and sneeze. Use hand sanitizer immediately after sneezing to prevent from spreading the germs.

2. There are a limited number of tests

Fever, cough, wheezing, runny nose, sneezing, loss of taste and smell, conjunctivitis, shortness of breath are all signs of coronavirus. If you have more than one symptom, it’s best to get yourself tested. The number of tests available and the lab capacity is constantly changing and delivering more every time, so you don’t need to worry about getting a test. With that said, the reports may take a little bit of time to process since there are thousands and thousands of tests on standby.

3. The test isn’t for everyone

Tests are available to people who need them. The more eligible ones are the patients showing multiple infection symptoms, for instance, three main symptoms, coughing, loss of taste, and smell. The test includes children as well, so if you or your child are showing signs of COVID-19, it’s better to isolate yourself and get tested to ensure whether you are a COVID-19 positive patient.

4. COVID-19 test isn’t accurate

No tests come out as a hundred percent accurate. The accuracy of swab tests depends on when the test was taken. The virus is only present in the nasal area and throat in the early stage of the infection. If you take a test after the early stage has passed, you probably will get nothing out of the test. Hence it’s important to take a test as soon as you see the symptoms.


These are some of the biggest and most ridiculous myths regarding COVID-19 tests. Now that you have learned these myths go and get your test done!


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