A large number of new traders in forex trading fail. So, this is vital not to be overconfident while starting your forex trading. Or you should go for top savings accounts. If not, you’ll not get success in this trading. What do you understand by this? If you’re a newcomer in this forex trading industry, you should go with the below tips.

It’s because these tips come from a forex mentor named Ezekiel Chew; he is one of the famous mentors of Asia Forex. You can also go with his tips if you’re facing an issue on the way of a profitable trader.

He gave some key tips to get profit in forex trading. These tips have based on his personal journey from catastrophe to success. So, he is one of the top forex brokers. As a result, if you know about his tips, you’ll be a successful forex trader.

Know The Way to Read a Price Chart

People like to just into the search point of forex trading strategy when they start this sector. They also might have selected the strategies from various forums, YouTube, books, or somewhere else. Surprisingly, it doesn’t someway make them earnings after using the strategy in the forex trading.

Unfortunately, they lost their money at the end of the sessions. Now, the question is what was wrong with them in this issue. And what the reasons are the strategies they got didn’t work.

The fact is: they acted blindly with their simple strategy of trading. And they applied these simple strategies for each time they traded. That’s why they lost at the end of the day.

Be A Profitable Forex Trader

If you know the way of reading the chart, it’s possible to reduce the losses. It’s because the next time when you see an outline that tells you to sell, you should realize the market is heading up.

If you go through the chart reading, you may pass over the sale and circumvent that loss. And then you can apply for the proper buying strategy instead.

Use the Proper Risk for Every Trade

It’s the wrong risk percentage for every trade that’s a key reason people blow up the account for the first trading. So, you should start the right way. And you have to decide the percentage of the account you’re heading to risk for every trade. Let’s get an example in this concern.

Suppose you have an account of $1K and you like to take the risk of 100 percent per trade. In short, what it means is that you’ll get 100 percent profit if the trade that you entered makes as earnings up to the total you risked. So, if you have $1K as your capital, you’ll get $2K. But, if you lose the trade, you’ll lose all of the capital.

Use Better Reward to Risk Ratio

Why do certain traders win rather than lose trades and usually make a net loss? It could result in minor successes but significant defeats. That’s not meaningful. However, it also is the fact that you see such unprofitable merchants’ trading past.


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