Treat Yourself with Special Mother’s Day Hair Style


Mothers are the best gift of God. All mothers do many activities for their children. Such as plan birthday party, help to finish homework, wash school uniform, drive carpool, pack lunches, and many more.

Celebrating one day in a year is not enough for the mother. To all mothers, try to celebrate the day as a particular day. Before you look for barbershop Astoria or somewhere else, take a look at the below five hairstyles for mother’s day by Astoria barbers.

Balayage Highlights

You will see the balayage highlights when you notice the “It” girls of Hollywood. Though this is a highlighting technique that shows the hair look naturally brightens and lightens.

Also, it will make you feel like you were on a one-month holiday onboard the yacht. George Papanikolas, the celebrity stylist of Matrix, says balayage highlights will look great.

When the ends and center of the hair look like lightening.  George Papanikolas also says that it is cost-effective. The reason is it starts from far from the scalp and the necessity of retouch it twice in a year maximum. 

Conditioning Treatment of Bespoke Pro

There are many kinds of damaged hair you may face. Such as split ends, weak hair, dye hair, and many more. Further, some salons offer many professional treatments which are for specific hair type.

Like fragile and delicate hair, damaged hair for chemicals, and many hair types. All of this conditioning treatment comes with some extra benefits. It’s like luxurious shampooing for 5 to 20 min and smooth scalp massage. 

The Blowout Hairstyle

Moreover, you may think blowout is just for posh and rich people then think again. Besides, this kind of luxurious service comes with a friendly budget. Plus, the pro blowout adds extra charm to the hair and looks great for some days.

The hairstylist may give you some tips for the blowout style. Such as keep open the hair while sleeping, messy bun, and many. They will suggest you the shampoo for boosting roots and get healthy hair.  

Beach Wave Hairstyle

Though, you may want the luxurious waves in your hair like Victoria’s models that are also possible. So tell the stylist to make a trendy hairstyle for Mother’s Day. For making waves use the flat iron. You will get the smart, compressed, and elongated hairstyle.

Plus, modern beach waves will start at the eye level. It will be straight at the end. Finally, before you make any style apply thermal protection to protect hair damage for heat.   

Long Range Hair Planning

The Matrix hair expert says that the best hairstyle does not just happen. Also, it needs the right quality hair color and hair cut to look beautiful. When you will be with the hairstylist for styling your hair for Mother’s Day, cooperate with them.

Explain how you want your hair to look like in a year, six months. As a result, they’ll have an idea about your choice. Moreover, they will suggest what to do and what not to do with the hair. Last, of all, you will be ready for Mother’s Day, which is coming soon.

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