Nobody likes to stick in their sore feet. But, this is miserly real during pregnancy. It looks like to inevitable of pregnancy and aching swollen feet. And the pain may be absolutely awful if you don’t become careful with the choice of your shoes.

You don’t need to keep yourself through the agony, and you’ll feel the difference with a pair of comfortable shoes. As a result, before you waste a day in hopeless misery, look into what shoes to avoid wearing during pregnancy.

That’s why you may step out self-confidently and carry on smiling with blissful feet. So, before you look for Carrera shoes, let’s know the tips to avoid wearing types of shoes during your pregnancy.

Avoid Stilettos

You can’t deny that these gorgeous stilettos look good in your wardrobe. But, it’s not time to show them off when you’re pregnant. These shoes should need to fit comfortably to remain on the feet. So, they’re by now pretty stretched, and a bump is almost predictable during pregnancy.

Those heels with the rocking feature will experience torment equipment in a short time. Another reason to avoid them during pregnancy is that the center of their balance changes like the baby grows in your belly.

You will have problems keeping your balance, and stilettos will make it all the harder. The last thing a pregnant lady wants to do is go through and maybe harm her baby or herself.

Pointy Nasty & Narrow

Shoes that come with pointy toes or slim and narrow obviously look great. But, they might be hard for your swollen feet. When you’re pregnant, it’s more often to happen swollen feet and a lot faster than usual. So, those pointed, narrow shoes you usually love will turn into somewhat you loathe.

It’s when the feet experience pressed into them. Be aware that in the morning, they may feel a bit tight. But they’ll feel like a vice that smashes your feet at lunchtime. Find a couple of shoes or shoes with a little breathable stretching material that fits swollen feet. In this case, for getting your expected shoes you can search “buy Italian shoes online”.

Clumsy Clogs

We’re not talking about the wooden clogs that have been sold as souvenirs in the Netherlands. But, normal clogs are trendy pull on the shoe. For sure, clogs are as casual as stylish.

But, they don’t provide any support for the feet. You may slide inside the shoe if your feet get sweated. You may easily turn your ankle, which is something you want to avoid. It is quite unpleasant.

Flat Shoes Are Out

It would help if you wanted to avoid heels when you’re pregnant. But, very flat shoes are also not a good choice during pregnancy. Excessively flat shoes and a thin sole do not support the feet, as the arches are entirely ignored by flatties. Look for flat slippers with a soft, supportive insole with at least a little coating.


You’ll experience the warmth if you get pregnant when it’s the summer months. Your feet can feel uncomfortable, and it may tempt you to grab these old comfy flip-flops. They are non-detained, cool, and simple to wear.

Bear in mind that swelling during your pregnancy is a true problem. And when your feet begin to expand, this tiny rubber between your toes will feel like rasher wire. Flip flops also lead you to walk awkwardly, which may be a major concern as you become larger.


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