Do you like to add volume and bounce to the naturally straight hair you have? If your answer is yes, then the only way of doing that is curling. However, if you are actually planning to curl your hair, then you will find a number of different options available for you. However, for your information be informed that curling iron is considered as one of the most effective as well as highly popular options to be considered. If you find that your hair has a great ability to hold curls quite easily and you like not to damage that, then I have some good news for you because of those easy overnight styling techniques. But what are some of the benefits of those so-called overnight styling techniques?

Benefits of Those Styling Techniques

Okay, first of all, they will provide you with the best curls for the next day you will be going to get. But if you would like to have a long-lasting curl on a regular basis and if you do not really want to style them on a regular basis, then you will surely be able to make it permanent and I am pretty sure about it because I have tried those before and it works simply fantastic. So basically, the main reason behind writing this article is to educate you with how you can easily make your naturally straight hair very curly without using any wholesale bulk hair. Therefore, to know more in details please do keep reading this article from the very top to bottom and I am quite sure that you will get something positive.

Tips for Making Straight Hair Curly

  • So to begin, the very one way that you can use to make your straight hair curly is using a curling iron. This is considered as one of the highly effective and simplest ways to get the hair curly. But what are the ways of doing that? Basically, it’s quite simple. At first, what you will need to do is to determine whether you have short or medium hair. If you find that your hair is short or medium then you need to purchase an iron which should be 2.5 cm, means one inch. Hope this is clear. This is the first thing you should need to keep in mind.
  • Second, you will need to apply either hairspray or volumizing mousse to the dry as well as brushed hair you have. The hair you have does not really require to be freshly washed just before going to curl that.
  • Now based on the thickness of your hair, you will have to set the temperature of iron. Try to be very careful while performing this thing. Hope you got my point.
  • Now find out the thickest section of your hair which you already have and take an inch of it which is like 2.5 cm; so as soon as you take the thick section of your hair, then you will need to get that hot iron and wrap that hair around it.
  • Wrap as well as hold the hair you have in iron for a lot more volume but make sure to do it horizontally. And keep it for 10 seconds. Otherwise, you will loose curl extensions.
  • Now pin every single curl up smoothly and allow it cool.
  • Now release every single cooled curl and then you will need to spray it using a fortifying or strong hairspray.
  • Lastly brushing that freshly curled hair.

Hope it helps. Thanks for reading!


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