Boots usually seem to do more than shoes. While shoes are busy debating semantics in a boardroom, boots are hard at work in the garage. Boots travel over, around, and through the surface on Earth while shoes spend their weekends shanking golf balls.

Boots have always been associated with history’s movers and shakers. Here are some of the men’s Italian leather boots types to get you going.

#1. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots were invented in England in the mid-nineteenth century and didn’t leave the country until recently. The elasticized marvels were a mainstay of the mid-’60s mod movement, protecting the feet of everyone from John Lennon to Ringo Starr.

Many of menswear’s finest dressed have recently resurrected them. The shoe has a thin design with elastic side panels and heel pull-tabs. In this case, you can buy men’s shoes online.

#2. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are perhaps the trendiest footwear ever created, making them much more challenging to pull off than their Chelsea boot relatives. They’ve adorned the feet of rock stars for decades, complementing the tightest trousers the world has to offer.

#3. Chukka Boots

The chukka (or desert) boot, which is about as casual as all-leather boots go, was originally worn by British troops in Africa during World War II. The originals were manufactured by Clarks, but upscale versions merely improved on the concept. They are typically laced slightly above the ankle and have a soft crepe sole.

#4. Cowboys Boots

Cowboy boots, like many other Americana clothing classics, have a practical purpose. Put them on, and you’ll have them for years. Traditional cowboy boots with a riding heel (taller and angled) and roper boots with a shorter heel, intended to withstand a day of walking, are the two major types. This boot is immediately identifiable because of its pointed toe and long shaft.

#5. Engineers Boots

Engineer boots were originally intended to protect the feet of workers feeding coal into steam engines. It combined the tall pull-on form of horse-riding boots with a work boot’s supporting arch and sole. This design is distinguished from other pull-on boots by a fastened ankle strap.

#6. Hiking Boots

We’ve stayed away from the more technical variants of this design. Still, the finest pairs of old-school hiking boots have the same alpine prowess that made them famous in the first place. These boots are as tough as stylish, thanks to their sturdy bottoms, heel support, and lace-to-toe closures.

#7. Hunting Boots

You may want something more technically sophisticated for actual hunting. However, the hunting boot is a Northeast classic that has encased the feet of everyone from frat boys to Nobel Prize winners. A hand-sewn mock-toe, a lace-up fastening, and a sturdy gripping outsole characterize this classic design.

#8. Trench Boots

The trench boot (also known as an army or officer boot) has been worn since World War I. It is a beautiful staple that has shed its military origins and now appears a little cleaner than it did while marching into Flanders. Like the work boot, this design has a lower profile that makes it simpler to integrate into a range of outfits.


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