The use of the two wheels for communication was never so much practical and popular than this time. As a result, the bike lanes are getting more to mere every year in the cities and for the same reason; you’re looking for the best city bikes under 500 among different types of bikes in the market. This is because you’re one of them who need a bike for their personal and many other purposes. Also, you’ll find these commuting solutions for a lot of positive effects that are beneficial for your Environment, economy, and medical. And this is the thing that you’ll not find anyone downside of it for you and your surroundings. Well, let’s know about some city bikes that you’ll be able to buy within $500.

Motobecane Cafe Latte

This city bike offers you a really impressive and good performance as a fine example of the balanced and attractive hybrid bike. Also, you’ll find it is as a classic example of higher performance of hybrid bike. If you ask about its frame you’ll get it an aluminum alloy that is lightweight and strong as well as triple butted. Besides, its fork is chromoly steel made that is also much sturdier that adds rigidity as well. You’ll get its 24-gear options that are a wider gearing range is made of Shimano Altus shifters.

Diamondback Insight

This is the brand that has that has made for a while along with its significant success. It is not only a cheap in price, but it is also high performing and a long lasting bike that comes with almost all positive things. This bike is great to use for road use like many other models that are usually available. Also, its aluminum alloy frame has made it one of the strong bikes in this price. In addition, it comes with 21-speed and the wheels are made of double wall alloy that offers you a wide range of gearing option.

Fuji Traverse

Another popular model for many bikers and you can be one of them that you’ll love for its style and affordability. You can use this bike in the rougher sites that are not possible for a lot of the simple bikes. As the bike comes with an aluminum alloy frame and a curved downtube, it offers you a dramatic look. Also, you can choose this bike if you like to get an SR Suntour front form that you can move around 50mm.


Marin San Rafael DS1

It’s one of the hybrid bikes that have the true sports design and you’ll get it has paired with a vertical riding pose. Also, you can like it for many more reasons like it is a well-famous and established brand. This is because you’re getting such a great bike at an affordable cost. So, you’ll get something more than your money and it would be your best investment.

Bottom Line

If you’re with tight monthly budget and need a good quality bike, you can choose one of the ones that area mentioned in the above bikes advice. You’ll get not only something more than your money, but you’ll also be able to invest your money in the best use. 


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