For summer adventure, you get pumped. Sounds awesome! You might also dream about a vacation you’re going to take, climbing in the woods and camping with the kids.

Also, you can go for backpacking your best four-legged pet with. The first thing you need to worry about, after determining what sort of ride you’re on is what type of shelter you’re going to use.

No matter where you travel, you intend to sleep beneath the stars. So, you’re going to need a tent. We’re here at Earth’s Edge to ensure you get the right tent for your trip like Marmot tent.

That’s why we’re putting together a shortlist of our favorite tents in all sizes. Like North face tent, check out which tent is correct for you, according to scale and activity:

Great Solo Hiker

The Seedhouse SL2 by Big Agnes is an ultra-light three-season choice, the ultimate tent for trekking or hiking. For a trail and a total weight of 3 and hand pounds, you can make space for it.

Also, add that to the fact that its new and improved sidewalls and dry entrance vestibule keep you safe. And dry regardless of the weather, making it the perfect choice for spring, summer, or fall trekking.

It is an ideal option for the lightweight hiker who wants to travel as much ground as possible, as it won’t weigh you down. But it’s spacious enough for you and your equipment to sleep in. Also, it’s durable enough to shield you from the weather and easy to throw together.

Rugged Backpacking Couple

You’re an ardent solo backpacker who loves a little more room and convenience. Or, you’re hunting for a two-person tent for your severe buddy treks. So, Big Agnes’ Copper Spur UL2 is your best option.

Thanks to its super-light design, the Copper Spur is one of the most common tent lines out there for backpacking that doesn’t lose durable toughness on the Big Agnes trademark.

This shelter, coming in at 3lbs and 1 oz in total, ensures you don’t have to bear a lot of additional weight for added warmth. It fits two people comfortably but is also ideal for the solo hiker who wants more space for himself and all his gear.

Casual Hikers

Are you traveling with a dog or your partner? Are you a couple with a lot of equipment to hike? Or maybe you and the boys need only a tent for their fishing trips. Whatever your situation, Stormbreak 3 from the North Face is the perfect option for a casual hiker or avid camper in a three-person tent.

Coming in a little heavy at a total weight of 6 pounds, it is suitable for a shorter hiking trip, more relaxed, or great for a camping trip.

It’s highly practical and unbelievably cheap, the best thing about this tent is that. The Stormbreak3 performs almost as well, if not better than other three-person tents in its class, in a way less costly than its competition.


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