5 Tips to Make the Best Tent Purchase


So you would like to buy a dome tent? That’s nice. But you don’t know where to start? That’s all right. Buying an outdoor dome tent is like buying a bottle of wine. Too many choices make you confusing. And with confusion, you probably won’t make the right choice.

But don’t worry. I am here to help you purchase the best tent for you. Before you look for the “dome tents for sale”, follow these tips for buying a dome tent, and you’ll end up having the best purchase ever.

#1 Keep In Mind the Number of People Using the Tent

Never think that a four-person can sleep in a tent of four. It never does. Maybe three people can sleep there comfortably. Four people can fit in there, but it will be tight. Always go for the tents with bigger specifications. Like if you are buying for four persons, buy a tent for six. You can fit everyone perfectly and also manage a little space for storing clothes. 

#2 Think About the Climate of Use

Different environments suit different tents. A summer tent will be light and also have plenty of ventilation. And it is like to be designed for simple conditions. A three season’s tent will endure heavy rain and mildly cold weather. But if you are planning to camp in the snow, the winter tent will be perfect for you. Think carefully about which type of tent you want and what kind of weather you will travel to. 

#3 Consider the Comfort of Use

Some people go for the big spacious tents without thinking anything. Big tents need a group of people to set up the tent. You don’t want to go over a place and spend hours setting up the tent. So, keep in thought how many people you are buying for, how many are going.

Try to set up the tent at the shop before buying, and you can also have guidance from the shop owner. So the next time you set up the tent, it will be a piece of cake for you. Besides, ventilation is another vital aspect of the tent. Look for tents that have good ventilation. Also, look for a tent that minimizes condensation. 

#4 Check the Material

The is one of the most vital things you want to check before buying. Cotton-made tents are waterproof yet becomes heavier when the water is absorbed. Then there are tents made of nylon, these are waterproof, but they deteriorate over time with the sunlight.

Besides, some tents are said to be waterproof, but the cheap ones most of the time are not that waterproof. Finally, have a look at the zipper before buying. Check the zipper if it’s of good quality, moves easily doesn’t catch on fabric and doesn’t rust.

#5 Keep In Mind the Weight

If you are travelling alone, can you move your tent all alone? Some of the bigger tents are extremely heavy, and it takes more people to move the tent. Some family tents are heavy. So it will be too tough to move the tent from the car to the designated place.

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