Do you have a droopy ceiling? It’s an eyesore. Also, its saggy headliner may become an issue for the safety of this obscures the vision. Repairing of the car ceiling may indeed appear as an involved task.

But, you can accomplish it with the right tools and patience. Indeed, it’s a DIY project that does not need duct tape and thumbtacks. That means if your car has the issue of a ceiling, you can do it on your own.

You need to have enough patience and the right types of tools. So, before you look for eBay auto parts, let’s know these tips to repair your car ceiling.

Removing Its Headliner

It’s arguably the hardest part of this task. It would help if you took its headliner out of your car. This will help you to reupholster it. The headliner must remove from every part. And depending on the car these components can vary.

Things such as rubber padding and side panels may be fully or far enough take out to unload the ceiling. A screwdriver would possibly require cutting visors and grips.

Dome lights will have to disable electrically. The headliner can come out quickly until the ceiling is clean. You would lean the seats so that the headliner does not glide out of either of the doors unless you have a hatchback.

Preparing For the Job

Get a better-ventilated area that’s away from flammable things and other fabrics. It’s because spraying glue may be messy. On its elevated surface, put the ceiling side of the headliner up. And obliterate its existing fabric.

Underneath, there is a light foam residue to clean using a rigid plastic brooch. So, you can use a wire brush for quicker performance depending on the material the headliner has made of.

It’s more fragile or fiberglass. Place it on the headliner with new liner fabric to ensure it has been covered completely. So, for most trucks, three meters can do, and overhang is perfect now.

The Reupholstery Method

You have to clip one end of its fabric to this headliner to grab it in its place. And it would help if you folded half of its fabric backside to depiction the clean headliner. Sprinkle with long, sweeping movements a generous spray adhesive film on the headliner.

Do it until the soil is completely and uniformly coated. It comprises the rims. So, the exposed side of the fabric is to repeat the same move. For all surfaces, wait five to ten minutes to dry. Sticky to the contact should be the glue.

However, on your side, it shouldn’t slip off. Place the fabric on the headliner carefully. Then, use something to smooth the cloth with a direct edge or the back of your palm. It works from the inside.

It works from within. Don’t press your fingers, or your fingerprints are leaving you. Press the fabric gently along the edges of any gaps to see their contours. So, remove the clips, fold the rest of the fabric, and continue the procedure on the other side. One more thing I would like to share that for repairing of the car ceiling if you need to buy any parts you can search “Amazon auto parts”. It will help you getting the expected parts for your car.


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