Mats and liners on luxury floors are a separate species. However, a word of advice, you’re never going to return if you head this direction. For more than a decade, these floor liners will keep their form, sound and color to shield your car from almost any item.

Snow, ice, mud, slush, teeth, soil don’t care! These are suitable quality slabs produced for the whole year. If you’re a user of custom made car floor mats or liners, you should go through the entire content to know their unique benefits.


Premium floor liners provide the customizability not offered by standard floor mats. They can order to suit your particular company, style, and year and include all extra security.

These mats are able, especially if a classic car, to say you more about your tastes and offer your vehicle a real personality.

Better Protection

Premium floor mats have a custom pattern for a minor moving or slipping inside your home, leaving little space for mess along the bottom.

They cover larger areas than traditional floor mats other than custom fit car floor mats, enabling them to have much better security. Their advanced model structures have specially built to remove dust and liquid, and there is no debris under the mats whatsoever.

Easy Cleaning

While being available in some items, quality floor liners are water-resistant and dirt-proof and making it simple to clean. Only wash or brush hands for instant results without water.

Quick Installation

Luxury liners have logically engineered for simple, cosy and comfortable deployment. Experts from Mogo can address some queries on the deployment process.

Damage Resistant

Premium liners do not last they have built to withstand the everyday usage of work as well as play. This material enhances the liner and vehicle’s existence by avoiding cracks or other wear forms which eventually will marshal a standard floor mat.


The selection of fabrics, shades and the adaptable design of luxury floor liners offer a wide variety of choices, looks, and feelings.


Since quality floor liners look fantastic should not mean that they lack cosmetic longevity. They are the only car mat you will have to buy for your vehicle.


Hydrophobic technology helps luxurious flooring to suit all conditions of the environment and to tolerate some liquid stain or spill.

Owing to the customized design of luxury floor liners, there are so many choices that a mat that is appropriate for the design, requirements and the automobile can be assured.

Issues with Regular Car Floor Mats

Although the tapered floor mats do an excellent job of collecting dirt and holding it under the chairs, it does not fit too well in the more hardened spaces.

Like any tapestry, they are prone to oxidation induced by natural spills and mud. Carpet accumulates mildew and other waste quite quickly, and no damp patches or spills will remain.

A typical mat may become discolored eyelids rapidly without daily cleaning. Thus, you definitely will repair them frequently. On the other side, they are not especially convenient or inherently attractive to the eye, which is the big downside of utility mats.

They appear to be linear and are available in a small variety of types, colors and sizes. In certain instances, the room they have intended to cover is either too big or too small.


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