Installing A Front Bumper Guard

You love your car and would do anything to protect it. During the car’s lifetime, you can avoid fatal incidents but small collisions and bumps are almost impossible to avoid. The problem may not be you. You may get a dink on the pavement or some other driver might hit you while backing up. There are plenty of ways you can get into small incidents like this. Your front bumper will face the brunt of the abuse. 

Replacing and repairing a bumper may turn out to be a costly affair. Which is why most drivers investing in a front bumper guard for their car. You should be equipping your car with the front-end maximum protection. Installing these heavy-duty accessories will act as body armor for the car. It will protect the front-end from damages. Parts like headlights and grilles are so much safer when you install a front bumper guard. 

From incoming deer to an onslaught of debris, this accessory will protect your car’s front-end. Plus, if you want to install additional lights and winches then they act as a nice mounting point. So you see the front bumper guard is a pretty important accessory to have in your car. The process of installing a car’s bumper guard be it front or rear bumper guard is generally the same. The only differences come in minor details which may be different from different manufacturers and models. Here are some basic steps of replacing your car’s front bumper guard. 

Step 1

So the first step for the front bumper guard installation begins with installing the lower brackets. But before all that you need to buy all the necessary hardware and tools if you don’t have them already. So when you have all the necessary tools. Make sure you use them to install the lower brackets on the grille guard. You would need to use your hands to tighten these brackets. 

Step 2

This installation cannot be done alone. So make sure you ask for someone’s help before you start working on the matter. Have your friend or family member lift the bumper. Then connect it to the bumper. One thing you should make sure is that the alignment of the bumper guard for the truck or car is correct. Otherwise, it would look bad and won’t be able to provide you with the protection you require.

Step 3

Now you need to place the bumper guard and have someone mark the bumper or bumper cover. Make sure that the brackets are also traced as well. You can use a grease pencil to do the tracing. 

Step 4

After you have finished marking, you need to cut away the excess plastic. You should use a die grinder and cut-off wheel to do this. Then re-fit the part to see if it is perfect. Trim the guard till it sits perfectly on the slot. Then mark the bolt holes. +

Step 5

This step is about the nuts, the washers, and the bolts. So first you need to drill out the marked bolt holes. While doing that slide in a washer each time. Then put the bumper guard in place and place another washer. After that, all you need to do is to install the nuts. 

Step 6

Next, you need to work on the top grille brackets for the bumper guard. Slide the brackets through the grille while lining up the bumper guard mount and resting the other side on the radiator core support. Then just repeat the bolt and fitting process for the top as you did for the bottom. Then once you are with all the steps, torque up all the bolts for a secure fit.

Doing It Right

There you go, the steps to replacing and installing a new front grille. Each car is different, the front bumper for a truck might not be the best fit for your SUV or car. Make sure you do some research before making your decision on what to purchase. This decision if done right will save you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

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