As a regular reader of our blog, you already know how to integrate your e-commerce website with a payment provider using API. Today we’re going focus on Secure Form. It’s a different and one of the best payment solutions with a unique approach.

Also, this is a handy and straightforward way of payment. The small shops and business of Software as a Service choose this method. But, “Secure Form” is not just a single name used for integration of this type.

It has different names to another provider for the same service. However, we’ll stick to “Secure Form” in this post when it comes to its name. So, let’s continue.

What Is Indeed “Secure Form”?

From the customer’s viewpoint, this is almost the same method as usual. They link to their shopping carts the items selected and press on the checkout button. But when they do so, they don’t linger on the shop; they have diverted to the payment processor’s page.

It’s there where the payment form is determined, and the process has been done. The customer heads back to the shop’s website after the money has delivered.

Tips To Use “Secure Form”

To make payment via Secure Form, you have to go through some simple steps. What are the steps? Let’s know below:

Checking the Account

You should log on to the provider’s website and make sure that the Secure Form is for you and build a test account. It’s free of charge and can give you an overall view of the functions available.

It will often require you to enforce the service (not every provider allows you to do it).

Verifying the Merchant

Online payment processing companies would require many details and documentation. You’ll still want your needs to enlist. You sign a contract until the verification has completed, and the provider calls you.

Then you have primed for the next step: to make things work!

Configuring the Options

Your account is almost in its full operating state, you have checked, you have signed an agreement. You now have to customize your account to be able to start receiving money from your clients.

Almost Ready to Go

Let’s get back to square one, just for a moment only. Do you remember when we said that not every payment company allows you to verify the account with the service’s full implementation? If this hasn’t done for you, now is the moment.

The What’s, Whys, and How’s

It is often highly advised that you become accustomed to the documents available. Because of this, you will have a clearer understanding of all the possibilities that you have offered with the account generated.

How to execute payments in a manner that requires you to use redirecting to the provider’s payment form is what may interest you the most.

The redirection should take effect after the consumer agrees to pay for the service or commodity selected. After being diverted, the customer goes into the billing process on the website of the supplier.


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