1. What is probate?

Let’s start off with the basics. Probation is the process by which your attorney is granted official permission through the courts of justice to deal with the assets of a deceased person, including sorting out and collecting their estate property, paying off debts if any and distributing the assets to the legal heirs.

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2. What is considered a probate asset?

Probate assets can be broken down into 3 broad categories:

  1. Individual Assets: Individual assets are assets that are in the name of the deceased person, such as vehicles, bank accounts, savings account, stocks, and recreational items like artwork. Put simply, if the benefactor was the single owner of the property than it falls under this category.
  2. Assets Not Included In A Trust: Any assets that were acquired at some point in the deceased owner’s life that weren’t included in the living trust will be subject to probation.
  3. Tenants’ In Common Property: These are investment accounts, business ventures, or car co-ownership where the deceased is not the sole owner of the asset and co-owns the assets with other people, apart from their spouse and children.

3. What is a probate sale?

As mentioned above, sometimes it’s the responsibility of the attorney, with permission granted by the court to distribute the wealth of the deceased in between the legal heirs and debtors. Probate sales are exactly that, which most of the time involves selling a house. Probation sales are generally time-consuming than conventional real estate purchasing and priced at the lower end which makes them an attractive choice for investors or people who are looking for a greater value for their money.

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4. How long does it take to get a probation?

This depends on the property itself. If the property is non-taxable, with inheritance tax and other dues cleared, you may get the probation within 6 weeks or so. For taxable property, the time period can stretch up to 12 weeks max. In urgent cases, involving the court, the process can speed up to just 2 weeks max.

5. What documents are required for probation?

These can vary, but the standard death certificate, the deceased person’s will, and NI number, as well as bank statements and mortgage certifications, are essentials.

6. Can a house be sold before probation is granted?

In some cases yes, if the deceased and their spouse co-owned the property and the spouse is alive and wishes to sell the property, then yes it can very well happen.

If however the deceased was the sole owner of the property, then the property cannot be sold unless probation is granted.

7. What is the best way to sell a house in probation?

An experienced real estate agent is the key to a successful probation sale to the buyer who buy with cash probate house quick in Dallas. The real estate agent should understand that probation houses are cheaper and take longer to sell that’s why he must possess excellent negotiation skills and keep an eye on the legal paperwork being filled correctly to ensure a smooth selling process.


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