Technology is just leading all the businesses worldwide and catering business is equally evolving in the market. Below are few tips for becoming tech forward with your catering business.

1. Using Catering Software

The most important thing to follow technology is using latest and updated versions of the software. No doubt manual working has mostly obsoleted in many operations and using catering software is just going to ease your life more.

You can find multiple catering software at different rates in the market as per their features while most of them contain a few basic features. Those basic features could be order processing, inventory management, payment processing and of course having mobile application option. Also, make sure to keep a catering event software in your phone as frequent traveling is in your destiny if you a catering business owner.

2. Be Active on Social Media Platforms

Dedicate a proper staff to handle your social media management. You know people prefer to get all their work done without moving anywhere physically these days and you should be just a click away to meet such needs. Be responsive and provide quick replies to people’s queries and chances of getting orders then and there will be very high. Link up your catering app with your social media pages so you are able to see conversations on your phone. It will help you to increase your response rate.

3. Be Mobile

Use a catering software having the option of linking up order placement directly with your catering app. You can give the app access to your chefs or kitchen staff so they can be notified immediately after order receipt. This will just make your procedures more efficient and of course, will attract customers to work with you again.

4. Keep a Smaller Staff

When you are using a catering software, many of the operations are managed automatically and you even get notified for follow up operations. So, it is better to keep a smaller number of highly skilled staff members giving them app access so your efficiency level can be improved. Technology majorly helps in saving time and cost and therefore lesser overheads will definitely help you move forward in your business more easily.

5. Keep Track of Deliveries

It is very important to keep track of all your deliveries either they are reaching to customers on time or no. You can track your deliveries through your software and keep an option of notifying delivery personnel as well for their performance evaluation.

6. Offer Gifts & Coupons

This should be done both ways like for your customers as well as your staff members. This way you can have a greater number of regular customers with a motivated and hardworking staff. Offer discounts or coupons to your customers who place multiple orders automatically through your software. This will convince them to place more orders in the future as well. And reward employees with some certificates or cash rewards if they show more efficiency in their work. Keep a track for them on your software and make an automatic evaluation to proceed with these rewards.


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