5 Ways to Improve Employees’ Productivity at Workplace


Workplace productivity equals more profit. So, let’s know how to improve it.

1. Motivate Through Games and Inspire Through Engagement

Turning the daily tasks into exciting events makes the work-life engagements worth a while. When your employees would feel that there is a challenge to meet with a tight deadline then motivation serves as an energizer. Now, if you are thinking that motivation does not last long, you are right. However, you can offer short sets of playing games as it will give them the energy to go through such time periods when time is short and pressure is the highest to meet the deadline. For instance, Airbnb running its service smoothly by offering perks like free yoga sessions.

2. Delegate the Responsibility

If you want to improve the productivity of your employees, then you should trust their ability to perform the designated tasks. Do not ask for constant updates; in spite of that, allow them to communicate after specific intervals to share the progress. With this kind of business plans, they will get confidence, feel responsibility and learn precious skills such as leadership which will ultimately help your organization to be at the next level.

3. Try Social Networking Tools to Communicate Effectively

As you know communication is the key to a productive environment. Incorporate in your business plans some engaging ways to communicate effectively. Using boring communication ways such as email are not as much attractive as social networking tools can be. You can use different social networking tools to communicate with the team members effectively. One such social networking tool is “Slack” which is designed for swift communication among team members.

In addition to this, you can also improve the employee efficiency by allowing them to use voice to Voice communication method as it helps greatly to convey a message in impactful “tone.” Written communication cannot create as great impact as the voice can.

4. Appreciate!

This is imperative to acknowledge the work done by an exceptional employee and to encourage the other employees to get motivated by observing others who are getting appreciated. You can send a handwritten note to recognize the exceptional efforts made by a great employee. Moreover, you can also start a session like “employee of the month” or by recognizing their valuable effort through social media.

5. Incentivize Pragmatically

This is a good way to raise the level of efficiency and workplace productivity because realistic incentivizing will proffer your employees some better reasons to work exceptionally. You can incentivize them in the following ways:

  1. Arranging a happy meal for them
  2. Enjoying your employees to leave the workplace early in order to recognize their efforts to meet the tight deadline of a certain project
  3. Admit the effort by providing them a “lazy day coupon” which permits them to arrive late after late sittings at the workplace
  4. You can also implement a “wellness program” to improve both physical health and mental health of your employees such as offering them organic food or yoga training sessions
  5. Sponsoring professional training workshops as an acknowledgment of their good work which will ultimately boost skill and productivity level

Better employees’ productivity would also mean you can spend more and introduce new products or services and also purchase better services like best phone plans and such.

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