Are you trying to start a Shopify dropshipping website? There are many Shopify dropshipping websites for sale out in the market now-a-days. Or maybe you already have one, but it’s not paying you well. Then maybe you need to make some changes to your store.

Nowadays, there is too much competition on Shopify dropshipping websitesSo, your chance of winning is frequently decreasing if you are following the regular work. Here I will share some tips with you. These tips might help you if you are a beginner in this sector. Then these tips might help you increase the conversion rate from visitors to actual customers. Here we go.

#1 Add your Phone Number

Adding a phone number will increase value to your shop. People might call to see if you are a real person. Don’t be afraid to receive calls, because remember whoever is calling you is trying to give you money.

Some people think that customers will keep calling all day, and it’s impossible to receive all the calls. Honestly, customers don’t have that much time to keep calling all day long.

#2 Return Your Calls

This may sound impossible to you. But when you return a call to your customer, that person feels a connection to you. This will help that customer to get back on your shop and make the next purchase.

A study showed that when a customer talks to someone from the store and gets satisfied, that customer is most likely to buy the product. When anyone buys your product, you will get your profit.

#3 Install Privy Exit Intent

A big mistake that some shoppers make is to let exit the customers without taking their contact info. When a customer enters your shop, you need to gather his contact info so that you can retarget them and turn them into your customers in the future.

Install a privy exit intent, and a popup will appear before they leave your store where they will be asked to give contact info to get a discount from your shop. So, you can have their contact info.

#4 Ask for Reviews

If you are a shop with no product reviews, no one will probably buy from your shop. Remember, Trust and value are more important than price. When you have a good amount of value and Trust, you can expect more and more customers even if your prices are more than your competitors.

New buyers always look for trustworthy shops to not get scammed. The easiest way to get product reviews is to ask your suppliers for a review. Try to reach out to the suppliers that have the best selling products.

#5 Ask for Unique Product Photo

Product Photo is the most important thing for a customer to compare that product’s value. Ask for the best product photos from your supplier, try to get unique photos. Your customer will easily compare your product with others and give you more value.

Almost everyone puts the same image on their website. When the customers see something different, a bell rings on their head saying, “This must be better than others”.


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